Does taking medicine during pregnancy affect the baby’s development?What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

Hello, I am a little man at home.In the background consultation, my most common type of problem is the safety of medication during pregnancy.

For example: "Eleven Dad, I just found that I was pregnant, but a few days ago I took a certain medicine because of a certain disease? Can this child want it? Will the child be deforming? Will it affect the child’s development?"

Today I will talk about how to take medicine during pregnancy.Today, let’s talk about it first, will there be problems with taking medicine without knowing pregnancy? What are the situations need to pay attention?

Generally speaking, we judge whether the drug will affect the baby. From five aspects, we will consider the period of medication, the type of drug, the way of medication, the dosage of the medication, and the time for the continuous medication.

The most important in these five aspects is the period of medication and the type of drug.Let’s talk about the time for medication. The time of medication can be used to calculate which day of the medicine is calculated based on the last time of menstruation.For example, you are a special rule of menstruation and a 28 -day woman. If your last menstrual period is No. 1, then the medicines used before the 28th are counted as around the pregnancy.But if your menstruation is not unsatisfactory, or adjusting the gestational week according to the ultrasound in the early pregnancy, how should you calculate it?Your pregnancy week must be checked with the doctor.We can simply divide the time of medication into three stages: 4 to 10 weeks before pregnancy and 10 weeks before pregnancy.If you take medicine before pregnancy, it may lead to two different results.

One is because of killing too much cells and stopping.One is to kill some cells, but it does not have any effect on the embryo and does not cause malformations.This theory is called all or no theory, that is, either the fetal stop or it is completely okay.In fact, most of the prospective mothers who do not know that they are pregnant and taking medicine are taking the medicine around pregnancy, so as long as there is no fetal stop, you don’t have to worry too much.If signs of stopping of bleeding or dysplasia of the fetus, then I don’t recommend that too persistently to protect the fetus.

Over time, the baby will start to slowly develop small arms and calf hearts.So during the 4 weeks to 10 weeks of pregnancy, if it is adversely affected by the drug, the baby may really cause malformations.At this stage, it is called a sensitive period of machine making. During this period of drug consultation, it is a problem for expectant mothers and doctors.From 2000 to 2010, 98%of the risk of teratogenic risk of embryos were classified as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved drugs.Why is it so difficult to judge?First of all, because the toxicity of the drugs for embryos often comes from animal experiments, animals can represent humans to a certain extent, but they cannot be equivalent to humans.R & D, of course, it is not possible to do experiments with pregnant women and fetuses.There are also many.

Drugs of natural labels have also made us unable to start due to the lack of embryonic toxicity. Therefore, as a doctor and facing many expectant mothers, the question of this child can be required.A acid Li, Bavilin and other categories.You can clearly tell the expectant mothers that will have a preparation, and most of the time can only be based on the current animal experiments.The clinical ending of pregnant women who had used medicine during pregnancy, combined with the pregnancy weeks, drug dosage and duration of expectant mothers, the total cumulative dose analysis of the drug gives a very vague answer to everyone.So if the doctor gives you a possible risk, the risk is very low, so don’t think it is unprofessional if the doctor is.If you use some uncertain drugs.

After consulting the doctor, there is no choice of abortion without clear evidence.So after ten weeks of pregnancy, the drug is absolutely safe after ten weeks of pregnancy?This is not the case.After the food is transported, the baby’s organs are basically completed, entering a new stage called the fetus.At this time, the drug will not cause the developed organs to deform, but people may cause the fetal growth disorders, such as the central nervous system, eye, and genital hematopoietic system.After ten weeks, it will continue to develop, and these parts that have not yet been developed are still likely to be affected by drugs.Therefore, after ten weeks of pregnancy, although the medication is not as careful as the extremely sensitive period, it is still cautious, and it is in line with the principle of greater advantages than disadvantages.

Seeing this, have you already started to feel a little anxious and start to remember if you have used medicine.In fact, the most reliable advice for everyone can give you the most reliable advice is that if you are in pregnancy or have no contraceptive measures in the near future, then please remember that you may be pregnant at any time.In other words, starting from pregnancy, we must pay attention to the safety of medication.From the beginning of pregnancy, as long as you go to see a doctor, remember to tell the doctor that hello, I have been preparing for pregnancy or I have no contraception recently, so although I haven’t found it, it may have been pregnant.In this way, the doctor will make a reasonable choice for you based on the situation, and you can avoid all kinds of concerns after pregnancy.

Well, today’s article will be shared here. I hope that we can have the opportunity to become a better ourselves because of the arrival of the child. Be better parents, learn to think, learn to judge, learn to analyze, accompany our children and him with himgrow up.

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