Does sex life affect the fetus during pregnancy?

The first 3 and the next 3 months of pregnancy must be absolutely prohibited.In the middle period of the middle period, there can be appropriate sexual life. Symatic pregnancy treasure emphasizes that not paying attention to time for too long and not too much strength.Then there is position, be careful not to affect the fetus!

Can sexual life during pregnancy?

According to tradition, pregnant women should not live sex during pregnancy, but in fact, few husbands and wives can truly stop sex during the pregnancy.If you take corresponding measures and master the size, there will be no problems.Besides, starting from the liberation of "no contraception during pregnancy", it has improved the sexual excitement of husband and wife and deepen the relationship between the two.

Generally speaking, the impact of pregnant women’s sexual life on the fetus is mainly manifested in the first March and the next three months of pregnancy.In the first March, it was easy to cause miscarriage in pregnant women, and in March, it was often caused by premature birth of pregnant women. The impact of sexual life on the fetus for the rest of the time would not be too great.Therefore, it should be strictly grasped in time to avoid accidents.After women are pregnant, it is important to pay attention to sexual intercourse. Husbands and wives can choose some suitable postures. It will no longer compress the abdomen and reduce the movement of pregnant women.If you have other questions, you can also ask questions on our public account, and professional personnel can answer it for you.

Precautions for sex during pregnancy

1. Avoid sexual intercourse in the first 3 months of pregnancy

Because the endocrine function of women changes after pregnancy, the requirements for sexual life are reduced.At the same time, there are psychological factors that are worried that sexual life will affect the normal development and safety of the fetus, as well as physical factors. The body is bulky, not flexible, slow, and inconvenient.More importantly, in the first three months of pregnancy, because the embryo is in the development stage, especially the connection between the placenta and the mother’s uterine wall is not close. If sexual life is performed, it is likely that due to improper movement or excessive spiritual excitement of the movement.Be careful, so that the uterus is vibrated, it is easy to fall off the placenta and cause miscarriage.Even when sexual life is very careful, due to the congestion of the pregnant woman’s pelvic cavity, the uterine contraction can cause miscarriage.Pay attention to bacterial infections caused by sexual life.

2. Sexual life in the middle of pregnancy

The placenta in the middle of the pregnancy (4-7 pregnancy month) has formed, and the pregnancy is relatively stable; the early pregnancy response has passed, and the mood has begun to become comfortable.Sexual organ secretions have also increased, which is a period of high sexy. Therefore, sexual life can be appropriately lived.However, we must also pay attention to the position and time of sexual life to avoid the impact on the fetus.During this period, the uterus gradually increased, the amount of amniotic fluid in the fetal membrane increased, the tension of the fetal membrane gradually increased, the weight of pregnant women increased, and her body was awkward, and the skin elasticity decreased.The most important thing during this period is to maintain the stability of the uterus and protect the normal environment of the fetus.If there are too many sexual life, the force is relatively large, and the abdomen of the pregnant woman will be broken, and the fetal membrane will break early.The umbilical cord may fall from the broken mouth to the vagina and even the vagina.The umbilical cord is the fetus of the fetus. This condition will inevitably affect the nutrition and oxygen of the fetus, and even cause death or cause miscarriage.Even if the fetal membrane is not broken and there is no abortion, the uterine cavity is infected.Severe infections can cause the fetus to die, and mild infection can also affect the fetal intelligence and development.Therefore, at 4-6 months of pregnancy, although it is not strictly restricted to sex, there must be restraint.Moderate sexual life in the middle of pregnancy is good for health.Sexual life in the middle of pregnancy should be 1-2 times a week.

It should be noted:

Sexual life during pregnancy should be based on emotional prenatal education.Therefore, a comfortable sex life fully integrates love and sexual desire.During the day, the husband kissed and stroked his husband or wife, and the warm current of love would be passed to the other party’s heart.This is greatly beneficial to the love of the boudoir at night.Conversely, the thoughtful sex life at night promoted the love of the husband and wife during the day, making the pregnant woman feel happy and full of mood.

3. Before sexual life, husband must remove foreskin

Husband’s semen contains a semen cells.It has antibacterial functions comparable to penicillin, can kill pathogenic bacteria such as bacteria, and can clean and protect the vagina of pregnant wives.

Before sexual life, husband must remove foreskin.After the wife’s pregnancy, due to the impact of hormones, the glycogen in the vagina increases, and the chemical changes in the vagina during pregnancy are very conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria.Therefore, after the ban on sexual intercourse in the early pregnancy, when restoring sexual life, the husband must rinse the foreskin and the glans to prevent the wife’s vagina from being invaded by pathogenic microorganisms, thereby inducing intrauterine infections.Because infected infection is an important cause of fetal life.

4. Avoid sexual life in advanced pregnancy

After August pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s belly suddenly swelled, her back pain, her body was too lazy to move, and her sexual desire was reduced.At this stage, the fetus grows rapidly, the uterus is obvious, and it is very sensitive to any external stimulus.Between husband and wife should stop sexual life as much as possible to avoid accidents.If you must have sex, you must control it, pay attention to the position, and control the frequency and time of sexual life, and the movement should not be rude.During this period, it is best to use her husband to hold the back of the pregnant woman from behind.This will not compress the abdomen, and it can also reduce the amount of exercise of pregnant women.

Especially for sexual intercourse 1 month or 3 weeks before giving birth.Because the fetus has matured during this period.In order to welcome the birth of the fetus, the uterus of the pregnant woman has dropped, and the uterine mouth has gradually opened.If sexual intercourse at this time, amniotic fluid infection is more likely.Some people confirmed that 50%of women who had infected during puerpesia during puerpeaks had sex with husband and wife in the last month of pregnancy.If three days before childbirth, 20%of women may have severe infection; infection not only threatens the safety of maternal safety, but also affects the safety of the fetus, which can make the fetus prematurely.The poor resistance of premature babies is prone to infection.Even if there is no premature birth, the fetus can be influenced by the mother’s infection with the disease in the uterus, causing the physical and mental development to be obstacle.

The uterus is easy to shrink during the third trimester, so it is necessary to avoid strong mechanical stimuli.

For her husband, it is currently patience. It is limited to gently hugging and kissing, and it is forbidden to have strong excitement.In order not to affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses, not only should couples learn to restrain their emotions, but they are also best to sleep, so as not to do unnecessary sexual stimuli.

Pregnant women with natural abortion and habitual abortion should avoid sexual intercourse during pregnancy, and do not cause permanent remorse for the impulse.

Sexual intercourse in advanced pregnancy can lead to premature breakthroughs in the fetal membrane; the complication of premature breaking tire membrane is "umbilical cord prolapse".After the rupture of the fetal membrane, the umbilical cord was removed from the vagina or in vitro with the expansion of the fetal membrane.The umbilical cord prolapse is the direct cause of the death of the siege.Because the blood circulation and oxygen supply between the fetus and the mother at this time are interrupted, the fetus can immediately die in the palace due to hypoxia.Once the umbilical cord is removed, it is often not easy to restore.In order to strive for fetal survival and reduce mother’s damage, the principle of better the earlier childbirth after drooping the umbilical cord.

Therefore, in the third trimester, husband and wife should stop sexual life as much as possible to avoid accidents.If you must have sex, you must control it, pay attention to the position, and control the frequency and time of sexual life, and the movement should not be rude.One month before giving birth, sexual life is absolutely prohibited.

Sexual life

During pregnancy, as long as you pay attention to time and skills, you cannot live sex.

Within the first 3 months of pregnancy, the uterus is more sensitive. The physical stimulus during sexual life and prostaglandin in semen can easily cause uterine contraction. At this time, if the uterine contraction occurs frequently, the blastocyst can be difficult to plant and cause miscarriage, soAvoid sexual life as much as possible within 3 months of pregnancy.

For 4-8 months of pregnancy, the fetus is in a relatively stable condition in the uterus. During this period, you can live sexual life with restraint, but pay attention to the time and position of each sexual intercourse to avoid directly pressing the uterus.In the process, if you feel that the uterus is hardened or abdominal tension and discomfort, sexual intercourse should be stopped immediately to avoid abortion and premature birth.

Two months before childbirth, the cervix gradually softened and shortened, and physiological expansion appeared. The lower end of the amniotic sac is close to the uterine mouth and even exposed to the vagina.In this period of sexual life, it is easy to cause trauma of fetal membranes, or upper infections, endangering the fetus and pregnant women, so it is advisable to control sex.

Sexual life during pregnancy. In order to avoid the effects of prostaglandins in semen on uterine contraction, it is best to use condoms.In addition, other physical barrier contraception can also be adopted.

Those situations are unable to sex during pregnancy

There are adverse obstetric history, such as habitual abortion; signs of premature birth; early water break; premium placenta; prenatal bleeding; stature hypertrophy, uterine fibroids, etc.

In the first three months of early pregnancy, because the placenta was not formed, it was very prone to miscarriage at this stage. We recommend that in the early three months of pregnancy, it is best to avoid sexual life. By 7 months, due to changes in the mother’s shape, the change of the mother’s body’s body will change.The increase of the uterus and sexual life will have a bad impact, especially in the late pregnancy, a threatened premature birth may occur, the fetal membrane rupture will cause premature birth or mother and fetus infection. ThereforeLife.(The picture comes from the Internet)

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