Does pregnancy affect work mobilization?What work can you do after pregnancy?Let’s learn together

Many women may be engaged in a job that affects their health before pregnancy, so she naturally wants to mobilize their job after conceiving their children, but their boss disagrees.However, sometimes the company mobilizes the work because of pregnancy and even reduces wages.So does it affect women’s work after pregnancy?

1. Is pregnancy affecting work mobilization?

Pregnancy is generally not directly related.During pregnancy, due to physical reasons, female employees do have some inconvenience at work. Employers often adjust their posts for female employees and reduce wages.Is the method of employers reasonable and legal? This requires two issues.

Some of them are less contact with some chemicals or toxic substances after pregnancy, which may cause the fetus to malformation. After women are pregnant, if they often contact some radioactive substances, it is also not good for people’s health.It may cause the fetus to cause abortion.

2. What work can not do after pregnancy

Women should not do heavy physical labor after pregnancy. Because of often heavy weight or some physical labor, it may also lead to the harm of premature or miscarriage in women. It is also not good for women’s physical and mental health.The phenomenon of more blood output can even affect the normal development of the fetus.

It is best not to do some bending movements often during pregnancy, and do not squat or climb frequently. This is not good for the health of the fetus, and it may also lead to excessive abdominal pressure.It is best not to do some high -altitude or dangerous homework.

After these women are pregnant, it is best not to spend a lot of physical strength and time on things at work, and pay attention to some dangerous things in the work.If the company actively proposes to mobilize our work, we must also strive for their own interests, and we must not endanger their physical health, and we should carry out reasonable work transfer.

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