Does it affect the fetus when taking pregnancy as a cold?

Does it affect the fetus when taking pregnancy as a cold?

I found out six weeks of pregnancy.

The menstruation was postponed for two weeks, and I bought a pregnancy test stick suspiciously. As a result, it was really "two bars"!This surprised the 30 -year -old Wenwen, I finally want to be a mother!You should know that she started to prepare for pregnancy after getting married last year, for a whole year!

However, after surprise, it was a great concern.Because Wenwen started runny nose, her throat was uncomfortable three weeks ago, she also had a low fever. She thought it was a cold. She took two boxes of Chinese medicines and took two anti -inflammatory medicines.Later I learned that that series of discomforts are the performance of just pregnancy!

"Early pregnancy, it is likely to cause fetal malformations and affect the development of the fetus!" Many people around said that Wenwen’s mood was extremely contradictory: What should I do?Leave a child, what wrong with the child will hurt the child’s life; just kill it like this?Wenwen can’t bear it, after all, she has been looking forward to it for a long time!

Does taking cold medicine in the early pregnancy affect the fetus?

Many women of childbearing age have been taken to take medicine as a cold in the early pregnancy. After the date of menstruation, she found that her "big aunt" was not delayed.I went to the hospital for an examination and was told that I was pregnant by accident.This is really a happy and fearful news!Why are they scared?It is because there will be a big problem that troubles them: can this baby still be required for early pregnancy?

Take medicine in the early pregnancy, either cause miscarriage, or it has no effect at all

Go to the hospital to ask the doctor. If he meets an irresponsible doctor, he may not want to want to kill the baby; if he meets a doctor with a responsible responsibility, he will usually think of checking the drug manual,However, the Chinese medicine manuals usually only indicate "disable" or "use cautiously". These warnings do not mean that pregnant mothers will be deforming when they eat these drugs.This type of warning drugs will kill the baby.Is this really right?

In fact, a large number of clinical evidence in foreign countries shows that in the early pregnancy (note: here is the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, that is, within 28 days from the first day of the last menstruation)Two results: The first result is that the baby accepts all adverse effects and naturally abortion; the second result is that the baby is not adversely affected and naturally grows normally.

This is currently the theory of "all or nothing" in the internationally recognized early pregnancy.In other words, the result of the abnormal baby that people worry about before 4 weeks of pregnancy will occur.

Because in the early pregnancy stage (that is, before 4 weeks of pregnancy), sperm and eggs have just been combined, and they are busy in the uterus.At this time, the fertilized eggs only performed a simple cell division, which achieved the increase in the number of the same cell, but it has not differentiated different cells and the tissue and organs have not been differentiated.Formation on the organ is formed, so it will not give birth to the abnormal baby that people worry about.In addition, the embryo has a self -correction function during the division of the cells. If the cells are divided smoothly, the fetus will grow up healthily. If the cell division is not smooth, the baby will be eliminated naturally.

Many people, including some medical staff, do not necessarily understand this truth. When I heard that after taking medicine in the early pregnancy, it is recommended to kill the embryo. As a result, there are many tragedies in the world.The fetus was killed, but in fact, it was a healthy fetus.Some people can recover after the fetus is killed, and they can conceive their babies again, but some people are lucky, and they are likely to never be pregnant.

It is still necessary to emphasize that the situation mentioned here is that before 4 weeks of pregnancy, I have taken medicine under unexpected pregnancy. If the embryo is not discharged by natural abortion, you can consider retaining your baby according to the theory of "all or no".However, for couples who are planning to be pregnant and preparing for pregnancy, in order to avoid natural miscarriage due to taking medicine, you should do a test of pregnancy before taking the medicine to confirm that you are not pregnant before taking medicine.

Therefore, if you do not clearly take medicines banned during pregnancy, do not easily make a decision to terminate pregnancy.Because even if you are worried that if there is any problem, you can then exclude it through medical discharge testing.The current obstetric testing technology is quite mature, and can monitor the development of the fetus through B -ultrasound, amniotic fluid puncture and testing methods in various aspects.In case there is something wrong with the development of the fetus, it is too late to terminate the pregnancy. Don’t easily sentence to death to a life.

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