Doctor, I want to have a miscarriage, I am pregnant

There are often girls told me, "Doctor, I want to have a miscarriage, pregnancy …", the abortion is actually hurting the body, so I can’t take abortion as contraception.

Many women do not take contraceptive measures when they are popping, especially young girls, who accidentally become pregnant for a moment of passion.I was pregnant unexpectedly when I was not ready for a child. I felt that there was not much thing. The current artificial abortion technology is so skilled and pregnant, and the flow of people is.As everyone knows, the seemingly simple abortion is actually very harmful to our women’s physical damage.In fact, there are many ways to contraception, and the contraceptive rate is very high.

1. In -the -palace breeding device: contraceptive success rate is more than 95%.The purpose is to prevent fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterus. It is a safe, effective, simple, economical, and reversible contraceptive tool. It is the main contraceptive measure for Chinese childcare women.

2. Drug contraception: contraceptive success rate is more than 99%.Women’s use of steroid hormones to achieve the purpose of contraception is an efficient contraceptive method. The main components are estrogen and progesterone.The purpose is to inhibit ovulation; change the dharma function and interfere with the fertilized egg bed.

3. Penile cases: contraceptive success rate 93-95%.As a male contraceptive tool, it is used as a barrier to prevent sperm from entering the vagina, so that sperm does not allow sperm to have the opportunity to contact with eggs.

After talking about several most commonly used contraception, let’s take a look at the flow of people.See how terrible people are, how much damage to our women is.

The flow of people is to remove the gestational capsule by sucking and scraping. The seemingly simple method is actually very harmful.Bleeding, abortion, abortion, uterine perforation, organ damage, amniotic fluid embolism, artificial abortion syndrome, etc. during the operation, severe cases of severe cases of death.It may also induce irregular menstruation, uterine cavity, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and genital tract infections.If repeated abortion, it may also cause irreversible damage to the endometrium, increase the chance of natural miscarriage, and cause incidence of infertility, ectopic pregnancy, premature birth, postpartum bleeding and other incidence.

Many women after abortion will have uterine adhesion, because there is a layer of uterine endometrium in our uterine cavity, multiple uterine cavity surgery, and even the endometrial destruction caused by any factors.Adhesion.

The most common symptoms of uterine adhesion are periodic abdominal pain, reduced menstrual flow, or even amenorrhea. Repeated natural abortion and secondary infertility may occur, which has a great impact on fertility.Therefore, it is found that there must be active treatment of uterine cavity adhesion, especially in patients with medium -weight. Women with fertility needs must choose doctors with very rich technical doctors.Postoperative recovery and as early as possible, because the uterine cavity adhesion is easy to relapse.

Avoid flowing again, even after abortion, you must actively contraception. Ovulation can be restored 2 weeks after miscarriage. You may get pregnant again before the first menstruation. Persistence and correct use of contraceptive measures are also the protection of yourself.

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