Do Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng have children?Zheng Shuang’s Weibo last September has explained everything


Today is another day when it is shattered by Shuangmei.

Zhang Hengfa said that he was helpless in the United States, but compared to his long -story arguments, the two children he said between his words, and the two children in the photos were even more shocking.People are sports.

The children in the photo should be a man and a woman, one Zhang Heng holds it in his hand, and the other is obedient to the ground.From the infant’s development, both children are at least one year old.

Subsequently, the suspected child’s birth certificate was also exposed.

In the two birth certificates, the mother’s name and the father’s name are Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng.In terms of two birth certificates, the birth time of the girl was on January 4, 2020, and the birth time of the boy was December 19, 2019.

Basically, the children in the photo are basically the same age.

In addition, when Zheng Shuang went on the show in May 19th, he also publicly stated that he liked children very much, and hoped that his family would have multiple children.At that time, Hua Shao asked her a few, and she said 3.

It was also said that if the dragon and phoenix tire was better, Zhang Heng, who was still a boyfriend at that time.

At present, everything is just Zhang Heng’s breaking news, and the child is Zhang Heng’s friend who said it is his biological child.

Zheng Shuang has not responded here.

But judging from Zheng Shuang’s itinerary, she did not show signs of pregnancy, so netizens speculated that it might be DY?

Moreover, Zheng Shuang also posted a Weibo in September last year that a secret was known and had to continue to disguise.

It’s hard not to let people think about this.

Then Zhang Heng also kept mentioning that he kept silent because there were more important things and people protected.

Earlier, there were people who broke the news.

There was an anonymous news from the goose group, and netizens said that they encountered Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng in the city of DY.

This can really be regarded as the annual melon in 2021. On January 8th, Zheng Shuang also posted a manner in the decoration mansion, indicating that he would really be independent.

At this moment, I really do n’t know what to say. All the entertainment topics today are Zheng Shuang. Some people discuss whether this is a fake melon. Someone hates her after DY?

Because Zhang Heng’s friend said that Zheng Shuang had not cooperated with legal procedures, the two children could not return to China.

Some people ask, after this time, if it is true, will you continue to like Zheng Shuang?

After all, this matter can no longer be explained by her.

I thought Zhang Han was still Zheng Shuang as a fairy, and the phrase "I know how clean she is to say,", so do fans think so now?

Now just look at Zheng Shuang how to deal with it.

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