Do you want to taboo during pregnancy?A few suggestions for listening to the people

Hello everyone, I am red ~

After three rounds of test tube surgery, the red colleague Xiao Chen finally became pregnant. In the face of this child who had been easy to get, Xiao Chen seemed to be extremely careful. He not only was careful when walking, but also strictly made a taboo:

Every kind of food must be checked in multiple parties. It is sure that you can eat it before you can eat it. You are afraid of eating what you should not eat, which will affect the children in the belly.

Some colleagues said that Xiao Chen was arrogant: Do n’t you be pregnant, is it so exaggerated?Which woman hasn’t had a child yet, so that the child is not good.

Unexpectedly, as soon as this came out, the colleagues quickly divided into two major camps: the support said that they must be avoided, but the opposition party said that pregnancy is a joke.

No need to be taboo

Xiao Wang is 1 year younger than Honghong, and he is already a mother of two children: Dabao is 6 years old, Erbao is 3 years old.She is one of the colleagues who do not need to be taboo. She even said: What do you do? During pregnancy, there are not many foods that can be eaten stable during pregnancy.

She said so, and did the same, let alone sour and spicy foods. Even the crabs that everyone smelled changed, she had eaten several times.

Whenever I heard that someone persuaded her to avoid her mouth, Xiao Wang was very unhappy and resolutely believed that bogey was arrogant.

The two children she gave birth to were very healthy, and there was no eczema or mule. Therefore, she was very unable to understand Xiao Chen’s cautiousness and kept telling Xiao Chen: eat something, and the child is not so fragile.

There are many colleagues like Xiao Wang. Most of them are young. They are generally under 30 years of age. They are healthy and energetic and do not have a cold about pregnancy.

Must be taboo

Xiao Xiao was married far away. She joined the year before the red and red, and her child was only 4 years old.When it comes to Xiao Xiao, many colleagues say that she is not easy, her physical fitness is poor, and her progesterone is low. When she is pregnant, she encounters a low placenta, and she sees red at both ends for three days, and almost becomes a frequent visitor to the hospital.

At first she didn’t know that she would not know about it. Until she discovered that she would get tightly abdomen as long as she was drinking ice water, and sometimes it would be uncomfortable to eat some sour fruits.

The older colleagues repeatedly warned her: her physical fitness is special, and she is not easy to get pregnant. Be careful and careful.

Later, she paid attention to cold and spicy food in her diet. As the month was growing, the placenta also grew up, and the number of reds became less and less.

Xiao Xiao has always said that fortunately, there is a group of good colleagues who are also friends and friends, otherwise, she may be difficult to protect.

Xiao Xiao also said depressedly: It’s all pregnancy. How can others give birth to the child like jokes. When I go to me, I have become an upgrade and a monster. I don’t say anything about it every day.

There are about 5-6 colleagues like Xiao Xiao. They are generally poor in constitution and ice in their hands and feet. They will not be able to eat a little with a little exercise. They are usually prone to colds and illness.Same.

First of all, let’s take a look at the related foods related to the taboo mouth:

Taboo, the encyclopedia explains: refers to what patients should not eat.

Taboos can be cut in cuttlefish, shiitake mushrooms, kelp, etc., which may lead to slow wound healing and scar hyperplasia. Therefore, patients are not recommended after surgery.

It may also be high cholesterol, high fat, such as protein and pig brain. Patients with coronary heart disease cannot be intake.

It may also be high -purine foods such as animal viscera, beer, and seafood. These foods are taboos of gout patients.

It can be seen from here that the patient’s mouth is mainly aimed at the patient, because the patient itself has a hidden danger that affects physical health. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the disease from the mouth because of the accidental food.Essence

However, pregnancy is not sick, why do you hold your own words?

In fact, whether you are pregnant should not be avoided, it mainly depends on physical and physical tolerance. Some human body quality, strong immunity, and diverse food intake in daily life.Food choice will be much wider.

For example, Xiao Wang, her grandmother’s home is in the coastal city, and she mails her seafood every year. Her university is also read in coastal cities. All kinds of seafood have intake and never have discomfort.

Therefore, even if she was a crab, she dared to try it, and she was okay.

Some people are inherently poor in physical fitness. Many others can be rushed to the food. They are just trying to stop; they are sensitive and sensitive to the outside world. The same food, don’t eat it, they may get sick.

Xiao Xiao is like this. She is allergic. She is allergic to mango and pineapple. A table of people eat crabs. Don’t be okay, she eats diarrhea.

Speaking of which, whether to avoid taboos during pregnancy, it is already obvious. As a person who comes, if there are several cases, it is better to avoid the mouth:

Sensitive constitution

There are many pregnant mothers with sensitive constitutions. They have been allergic to tropical fruits and allergies to seafood. If this kind of pregnant mother is recommended, it is recommended to avoid it.

Pregnancy was a very hard thing. Many people who came here said: Every birth checkup of pregnancy wants to upgrade and play monsters. When the doctor said "good", he dare to breathe.

It can be seen that it is great to be able to give birth to the child smoothly. It takes a lot of effort to take a lot of effort. If it is due to the desire/supplement of the nutrition, it causes accidents. I believe that no one wants to see it.

Already uncomfortable

Some people are not sensitive, but they will be uncomfortable.In this case, you must pay special attention.There is a colleague in Honghong, very young, married at the age of 23, pregnant at the age of 24, she is not a sensitive constitution, and she has not been guilty during pregnancy.

The only thing she was afraid was ice water: there would be a panic and tight abdomen.

At the beginning, she didn’t find itself: in the early days of pregnancy, in the hot summer, she was really thirsty that day, so she drank a few sips of ice water, and she had a short breath and tightening her abdomen after a while.

My colleagues were so scared that I went to the hospital to know: too cold food can cause contractions, and severe may also cause miscarriage. Since then, she dares not to drink ice water.

Special constitution

Some people are not easy to get pregnant because of their special constitution. If they have children, they need to pay more attention.

For example, a red colleague Xiao Chen, she usually has dysmenorrhea problems. She has no blood color when she hurts, and sometimes it is fainted. She needs to see a doctor.She has been unable to conceive her child for 6 years. I tried all kinds of inspections and various medicines. This time, I spent a lot of money before she was pregnant with a baby.

The general pregnant mothers will be careful, let alone Xiao Chen’s situation. Compared with natural pregnancy, the test tube baby needs more care.

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