Do you use the right vitamin A acid that is commonly used in acne?

If you all love acne, especially friends with medium -weight acne to see a doctor, doctors will prescribe some oral acne drugs, such as minosylellosis capsules, alienate A acid, etc.Of course, these drugs are listed as first -line therapeutic drugs for medium -weight acne in the guidelines of acne at home and abroad.

If you pay attention to the article in front of the pharmaceutical division, I believe that all have a certain understanding of the hydrochloride cylinder capsule, but the introduction of different vitamin A acid is relatively small: although different vitamin A acid is commonly used, it is noticed in it, but pay attention to it, but pay attention to it.There are many matters and side effects. Let me see with me the right?

Ms. Zhang, who has ten years of acne history, wrote in anti -acne notes:

I have been acne for almost 10 years, and I am particularly horrible in the past two years.In the past, it was still a small acne, now it was big acne, and the pores were thick and the face was very oily.

I have tried everything for acne treatment. I ca n’t cure the Chinese medicine for 2 months. I ca n’t apply any skin care products … So I finally went to see Western medicine.

I went to the hospital to see the doctor two weeks last week.After only a week, the acne has improved significantly!And the acne marks are much lighter, and the skin is not oily, but it is a bit dry.

Later, my mother said that the medicine was too poisonous, so I resolutely stopped it, so I did not continue to take it.

It can be seen that the treatment of acne in different dimensions of A -vitamin still has a certain effect, but it is three -point poisonous medicine. Because of the side effects of oral vitamin A acid, Ms. Zhang really feels uncomfortable during the period of taking different videos.The skin is very dry, and the holiday has been postponed for 10 days …

Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to oral vitamin A acid:

1. Patients with fertility needs in the near future.

Different vitamin A acid has a clear teratogenic effect.Therefore, according to the process of drug metabolism, female patients with childbearing age should be strict one month before treatment, during the treatment period and after the end of the treatment.

If there is a need for fertility, you must communicate with the doctor in time.If you get pregnant accidentally during treatment, you must have a miscarriage.

2. Correctly treat the occurrence and treatment of post -oral latitis

Oral vitamin A. Among the patients with omnidirectional A acid occurred in 98%of the treatment patients, it is also a sign of drug results.

The lip is dry and requires more lipsticks. The effect of thickening Vaselin as the lip mask is also good.

Once a reaction such as lip lip cracking occurs, the amount should be reduced or even stopped, and the skin should not be torn off to avoid aggravating the lip reaction.

3. Correct evaluation of liver injury

A few people will have liver damage during the medication, but most of them are mild transaminase, which usually occurs within the first month of taking.Affect treatment.

Patients with liver disease should be used with caution. Quit alcohol during medication is necessary. At the same time, do not take other drugs that damage the liver. If necessary, regularly detect liver function and blood lipids.

4. About the age of medication

Long -term use before adolescence may cause premature closure, osteophyte hyperplasia, osteoporosis, etc., so children under the age of 12 try to do not use it.

In addition, some patients will have a short -term aggravation of rash at 2 to 4 weeks, which is usually an excessive sex. Those with serious response need to reduce or even stop the drug.

Finally, when you treat acne, remember to follow the doctor’s advice. If the side effects are serious, remember to communicate with the doctor in time.Everyone daily supplement the vitamins of the E and B people, drink more water, eat more mung beans, barley, fruit, vegetables, light diet, warm water to wash their faces and hydrate, and remember to maintain a good mood ~


1. Chinese Acne Treatment Guide (2019 revised version)

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