Do you really know her every month?

Visit the aunt regularly every month

In addition to knowing that you will "hurt" people

Maybe you don’t know her

Today, Xiaobian is here to set her up with you!

How is "Auntie" formed?

The "big aunt" that women usually say is actually menstruation.The menstruation of everyone’s general understanding is a bleeding process of the uterus every month, but the medical menstruation is actually the whole process of follicle development.

There are many follicles in the ovaries, and a group of follicles are raised every month, but usually only one follicles can develop and mature, and the rest of the follicles are lock -up.As the follicles gradually increase, the estrogen is constantly secreted. When the follicle grows to a certain size, it will rupture and excrete the eggs. After ovulation, a large amount of progesterone will be produced.

It can be seen that there is ovulation and estrogen and progesterone can coordinate the secretion to form normal menstruation.Then, for women in the age of childbearing, if they have sex before and after ovulation, they are likely to conceive, and menstruation will not come after pregnancy; if no conception, menstruation will come as scheduled.In other words, for women with infertility, they are either pregnant or menstrual.

The highest command of menstruation -brain

Many people think that menstruation is the result of close cooperation between the ovaries and uterine. In fact, the headquarters that manage menstruation is the brain.

The brain secretes the ovaries by secreting some hormones, and the ovarian reinocusing female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) acts on the uterus, thereby forming menstruation. Any department is abnormal, which can be manifested as menstrual abnormalities.Because menstruation is controlled by the brain, some menstrual disorders can not be cured by treating several times, and long -term management may be required.

Menstruation needs to come every month as scheduled. If she cannot come as appointment, there may be some diseases hidden. She must go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment; if she can go to the appointment every month on time, then you will steal Leer!

There are 4 elements of normal menstruation

1. Menstrual cycle frequency: The normal menstrual frequency is 21 ~ 35 days, less than 21 days for menstrual frequency, and more than 35 days is scarcity of menstruation.

2. Code of menstrual cycle: The number of days of adjacent menstrual cycles does not exceed 7 days.

3. Menstrual length: The normal menstrual period should be 3 to 7 days.

4. Meridity bleeding: normal menstrual flow is 5 ~ 80ml, less than 5ml is called less moon, and more than 80ml is called Moon.

Xiaobian warm reminder

If you find that your menstruation does not meet the above four elements, you need to go to the hospital for examination!

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