Do you not eat meat after pregnancy, but will your baby be malnourished when drinking milk and fruits?

Many pregnant mothers have such confusion. If you do n’t eat meat after pregnancy, but eating milk and fruits will make the fetus malnutrition. In fact, this is possible.

Many pregnant mothers are afraid of being fat, or they don’t like to eat meat. They think that there is high -quality protein in the meat, so as long as you add milk with the same high -quality protein, or vitamins in fruits, you can replace nutrients, but you often ignore the following.This nutritional element.

From pregnancy, we must pay attention to the supplementary iron, and the pork is rich in iron.

So why should we replenish iron during pregnancy?Because after pregnancy, in order to meet the needs of the baby, the blood capacity of the mother will increase, which will increase to about 35%before pregnancy. If the blood capacity increases, the plasma will increase, so that the body needs to create more red blood cells.

However, the process of making red blood cells in the body is complex and slow, far from keeping the speed of plasma increases, so temporary entire blood will be diluted, and the hemoglobin content will decrease.

So we need more iron to supplement nutrition.

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If we lack iron in our body, for ourselves, it will cause insufficient hemoglobin, and the ability to carry oxygen with blood will decrease and cause anemia.

Then, it will have a great impact on the baby, because the fetus will be difficult to obtain sufficient oxygen, and it will affect the baby’s growth and development lightly. In severe cases, it will have an impact on the brain.

Since it is important to replenish enough iron during pregnancy, how can our pregnant mothers replenish?

If we want to add iron, we can eat more red meat, such as pork, animal liver, animal blood, etc.

Especially until the second trimester, in the third trimester, we should add more, add 20 to 50 grams of red meat (pork, beef, etc.) of 20 to 50 grams per day, and eat animal blood or animal organs 1 to 2 times a week.

Therefore, when pregnant mothers are pregnant, they must supplement pork to supplement enough iron elements, high -quality protein, etc. It is impossible to eat milk and fruits alone.

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