Do you need a physical examination before the postgraduate entrance examination is admitted?Can’t enter school if you are pregnant?

In the blink of an eye, the time has arrived in mid -April, and the adjustment system is only open in the last few days. The entire 2022 postgraduate entrance examination is nearing the end.It’s right.After the admission is intended, there are several things to pay special attention. In addition to more common archive transfer, party organization relationships, and transfer of group organization relationships, there is also a medical examination that does not be valued!Some colleges require students to do a medical examination after they are planning. In general, there are no problems, but some students who are on -the -job postgraduate entrance examinations are not at ease: when they are pregnant during the physical examination?Today, Xiaodu will briefly talk about those issues in the postgraduate physical examination.

After the admission is intended, the medical examination before the school is not available in all institutions.It is normal for graduate students to have a physical examination. Some colleges and universities are placed before enrollment, and some colleges are uniformly organized after school.There is nothing to be unified after entering the school, just follow the school’s organization.However, there are more rules for medical examinations before enrollment. Be sure to strictly follow the school’s notice to go to the eligible hospitals (some schools require the three hospitals), and send the medical report to the school in accordance with the requirements. Otherwise

Pre -school medical examination is generally done according to the school’s notice.For example, on April 18, the Chongqing Institute of Science and Technology issued the "Notice of Chongqing University of Science and Technology on the Medical Examination of Master’s Graduate Students in 2022", requiring candidates to complete the physical examination before May 9.

The items for medical examinations are also relatively simple and routine, including: internal medicine, surgery, oral cavity, DR, liver function (blood drawing), blood pressure, height weight, vision, color discrimination and hearing olfactory, blood routine, etc.

It can be seen that the fresh graduates of the school directly check the medical examination at the school hospital, and the freshmen of the foreign school are in the hospital or the hospital with or above.Life needs to upload the physical examination report through the Tencent questionnaire platform before May 9, 2022.

Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine requires scanning the medical examination report with the official seal of the medical examination hospital into a PDF file (the file naming method is: candidate number+name+medical examination report),

Sending an email office of the Graduate Admissions Office of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine before April 29th. Those who fail the medical examination will cancel the qualification for admission.

As long as there is no infectious disease or a major illness that cannot complete his studies, it can be enrolled, which is a national policy and regulations.Of course, some majors have special requirements for physical fitness. For example, there are certain requirements for measurement and control and nuclear projects. Students who need to study major organs who need to work in the field of work in the field will be carefully considered.Except for special majors, most medical examinations are relatively loose, and most of the students have no problem with physical examination.Even if the students in the postgraduate entrance examination found that they were pregnant, they didn’t have to be afraid.If you are really pregnant, you can reflect your own situation to the school, apply for retaining school status, and delay enrollment.This will not affect the admission results.

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