Do you mind your girlfriend pregnant?Netizens’s answers are too direct, the last one is understanding


With the continuous development of society, people’s ideas have gradually changed.The "unmarried cohabitation" that was difficult to see before has now become the norm of life of many young couples.

Recently, there is a topic on the Internet that has attracted everyone’s attention. What are your requirements for your girlfriend?"If it is you, do you mind your girlfriend pregnant?" I asked the three little brothers in a row, and the answers of netizens were really heartbroken and too direct. The last one was understanding.The answer of two people.

The first boy: I definitely mind!In fact, the other party’s "non -place" is already very unhappy. If there are other people’s children in the stomach, it is unacceptable anyway.Even if I accept it, my parents may not necessarily agree, so try to stay away from such girls as much as possible. Why don’t you respect yourself, why let me respect her!

The second boy: I won’t be with such girls, even if I like it, I won’t.Because they think they may be richer in the past, she should not forget the past, and I also mind my friends’ ideas, so I will not accept such girls, and of course I hope she can find her happiness.

These two people can be described as very direct. They bluntly said that they could not accept their girlfriends pregnant. Of course, this idea is also understandable.

Some people ask their girlfriends to be "virgin", and some boys have relaxed their requirements, bluntly: "It is not the first time that you can accept your girlfriend, but you must never accept the girlfriend’s belly and have someone else’s children." Some people still press the rootsIf you don’t care about these things, it feels enough.

However, after reading the answer of the third boy, everyone quickly praised the consent, and received the support of many female friends, and bluntly that the last one was the understanding person.Next, let’s take a look at what the third boy said:

"Everyone must have given real feelings when they are in love. There is nothing wrong in love. I like a girl, and I want her future.Only tolerance will be accepted. It is because of likes that she knows her past and will be better to her. Only by making up for the trauma in the other person and working hard to give you the warmth of the other party.Love. So compared to her past, I want to seize each other’s future, and I will not mind these nihilistic things. "

Many boys have the idea of the first two interviewers. The key is that these factors are affecting.

• The possessiveness of boys is in trouble

The first is the possessiveness of boys. Not only will you have your "present and future", you are with me, then "your past" belongs to me.Once a girl is pregnant, it proves that the girl’s past was richer.

And some boys do not want others to have been in the hearts of their girlfriends, and their girlfriends will not completely forget the past.Therefore, boys may be more concerned, more vinegar and unacceptable.

• I hope to have pure love

Who doesn’t want to have a pure, sweet feelings?If this girl is pregnant, the boys will worry that when the girl is with themselves, the relationship is not so pure, and there is still a place for their predecessors. This is the most crazy.

Therefore, in order to avoid this situation and to avoid unnecessary quarrels together, boys generally do not choose girls who are pregnant.

• Some boys have virgin components

In addition, there are some people because there are virgin complexs.These boys often have a strong "possessiveness" in their bones, so they want the other party to "belong to themselves". Once this girl is pregnant, they must prove that the other party is not a virgin and has an unforgettable love with the other party.Then some boys will not accept this.

• I hope my girlfriend will be pure

Furthermore, who doesn’t want her girlfriend to be pure?Under normal circumstances, when women are pregnant, they may be considered that this girl is impure, and if it flows out, it will hurt women’s uterus, and it may be difficult to get pregnant.

If a boy has such a vision to look at the problem, it is definitely difficult to accept impure girls, and naturally he will not accept girls who are pregnant.

• Practice the eyes of others

There is also a boy, just like the second boy, even if he likes it, he will not accept girls who are pregnant. The reason is very simple, that is, he cares about the eyes of others.If someone knows that his girlfriend has been pregnant before, he will be afraid of others laughing at himself. Under this psychological influence, he will basically not choose girls who are pregnant.

The above five points can be described as very realistic. Boys who do not want to accept girls who have been pregnant are actually understandable.Seeing the third boy’s point of view, it really makes people shine.

It is because of love that there is tolerance and acceptance. It is because of likes that they must work hard to her.If a girl is pregnant or is not a virgin, her heart will be very fragile, and the girls who have been hurt in the relationship are even more afraid of losing.So once you like the other person, if you accept her past, you must be tolerant of each other. Love can resolve all contradictions.

In fact, no matter which choice is made, as long as you don’t regret it, it is the best.In the end, I hope that everyone can get happiness, and every girl can protect themselves well without harming themselves.

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