Do you know you know less about pregnancy?8th pregnancy month in the third trimester (29 ~ 32 weeks)

By the 8th pregnancy month in the third trimester, expectant mothers will obviously feel the inconvenience caused by the increase in the abdomen, and it will continue to develop, although it is not small now.(A sweet burden)

1. The sleeping situation of expectant mothers at night is not very good, so I feel more tired during the day.Burning heart and indigestion will also occur.

Rest more every day, and rest when you are tired.Pay attention to eat less and eat and eat more fruits and vegetables.If possible, avoid foods with high carbohydrates, sugar, and fat content.

2. The stress of the bladder at this time will cause expectant mothers to start at least once at night.And when cough, sneezing, or laughing, there will be slight urine.

This will be available. If you are worried about this in public, you will prepare the pads yourself and so on.

3. At this time, there will be pain in the pelvis, especially after the long -standing time for expectant mothers, and after a long time when the legs are crossing, this is caused by the weight of the baby.

Don’t move too hard and too fast, this will reduce the tingling sensation and not make the expectant mother breathless.

4. Stretch marks.After the birth of the baby, the stretch marks will be reduced or visible (some will disappear), but before the reproduction, apply some molten creams used by pregnant women to help reduce the skin itching, and keep the skin’s moisture and increase skin elasticity.

Plaigics are needed every day at this stage.The expectant mothers should take out at least 20 minutes a day to lie down, touch the abdomen, and come in a close contact with the baby baby once.Remember to relax!

The establishment of feelings did not start until the baby was born or the baby knew it afterwards, and it has begun since pregnancy.Get attention on your baby, especially in the last few weeks; so that your baby will get closer to you after birth.

At this time, you can start learning related knowledge. Both expectant mothers and prospective dads are best to learn so that they will not be busy.Because you never know what state when the production day or expectant dad and expectant mothers are about to be produced?Intersection

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