Do you know how uncomfortable pregnancy?These three uncomfortable pregnancy reaction countermeasures, please collect the expectant mothers

Some people say: "If a woman’s life wants to be complete, they must have a child." The arrival of each new life allows mothers to experience the joy and happiness that they have never had before, and at the same time, the mothers have experienced a lot of "Uncomfortable "and discomfort.The process of breeding life is painful and happy for mothers!Many mothers have experienced these uncomfortable pregnancy reactions.

Under normal circumstances, early pregnancy reaction began at 6 weeks of pregnancy.Feel dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, drooling, decreased appetite, unable to smell the smell and odor of oil, and drooling, drooling, and frequent urination are the most experienced mothers.

Pregnancy reaction:

The exact cause of pregnancy vomiting has not been found. The general reason is that the chorionic gonadotropin secreted during pregnancy is excessive secretion in the early stage, causing the mother’s pregnancy.Some pregnancy vomiting reactions are mild, some response is very heavy, and some do not respond. This is normal.

Let’s listen to how the expectant mother describes her pregnancy reaction:

Netizen A: Tominate to stomach bleeding. What bile yellow, coffee, and blood come out, the throat is swollen, the water is spit, and the body is severely dehydrated and drooling!After losing more than ten days of liquid in the hospital, he still vomited at home.I don’t know how many layers have been taken off. It is still less than three months now, so suffer.

Netizen Abao: The gastric mucosa was spit out, and then went to the hospital to hang the nutrient solution. After that, the stomach was fragile. If you eat a little stomach, you can eat two bowls of rice a meal before pregnancy.It was uncomfortable afterwards, then drooling, could not stop in minutes, and could spit a cup all night.

Suggestions to give me severe mothers: avoid any uncomfortable food, eat more light food, eat less greasy, sweet and spicy food.To chew slowly, the amount of each bite of food should be less, and you must chew completely.If you start to be nauseous or even vomiting together in the morning, don’t rush to dress and wash. You can eat something first.Regardless of vomiting, as long as you can eat it, you can eat boldly, even if you vomit, eat again, don’t be afraid of vomiting.Due to pregnancy reactions, the amount of food is reduced. You don’t have to eat three meals a day.If the vomiting is severe and eats less, it will not only affect the health of the expectant mothers, but also affect the development of the embryo. It is also necessary to prevent dehydration and electrolyte disorders.Optimistic emotions are also helpful for pregnancy vomiting. The reaction of pregnancy vomiting is only short, and it will soon pass and relax.


During pregnancy, the secretion of water increases, and the normal phenomenon.Drawing water generally changes in hormones during pregnancy, imbalance of stomach acid, and stimulus stimulation, which may cause a large amount of saliva secretion.

Suggestion: Keep oral hygiene, drink plenty of water, and swallow as much as possible.

Frequent urine:

Frequent urination is generally prone to early and late pregnancy.Because after pregnancy, the volume of the uterus gradually increases the compression of the bladder, and it is prone to frequent urination. If it is just the increase in the number of urinating times, there is no feeling of uncomfortable other parts of the body, which is a normal physiological phenomenon during pregnancy.

Netizen Ning Ning: My most uncomfortable is frequent urination. Before pregnancy, it will be 4-5 times a day. I rarely go to the toilet at night. The urination of urination will reach 8-9 times during the day.Sometimes I go out, I want to urinate before I arrived, and sometimes I dare not go out to the door

Suggestions for frequent urine mothers: Do not reduce drinking water due to frequent urination. On the contrary, drink plenty of water to allow the body to be excreted with the urine.However, drink less water or not to drink water 1 to 2 hours before going to bed, so as not to affect night sleep.Don’t urinate.During pregnancy, deliberate urination may cause bladder infection, and the symptoms of frequent urination will be heavier.You can do the training of shrinking anal sphincter, and do more training, which can play an impulse to reduce the toilet, improve frequent urination, and reduce the child’s damage to the birth canal during childbirth.

In addition to pregnancy, drooling, frequent urination during pregnancy, there will be constipation, leg cramps, insomnia dreams, toe bone pain, back pain, back pain, swollen hands and feet, skin itching, etc.The emotional tension at the time of inspection, let alone the severe pain during childbirth.Although there are such discomforts, our expectant mother always insists and strong because of the instinct of mother love, just because we choose to be a mother!

Dear mothers, what are the "uncomfortable" during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message!

Xiaoyu’s mother is a senior national childcare teacher. She has ten years of mother -to -child care experience, preschool education, and multi -network platform writing.Pay attention to the health of the mother and the growth of the baby. At the same time, it is also a second mother. We are together on the road of parenting. Thank you for reading and attention!

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