Do you have these "winning" symptoms before you are pregnant?


When I was pregnant, some symptoms would make novice pregnant mothers caught off guard.When the baby comes to the mother’s belly unknowingly, the mothers’ bodies will have some symptoms more or less, and some are obviously not obvious!Below I list some of the most common symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy!

1. Mentalomy

For all expectant mothers, from the moment of pregnancy, menopause will occur.Many expectant mothers also realize that they are pregnant through menstruation.

2. Fatigue, drowsiness

In early pregnancy, some expectant mothers will have different degrees of drowsiness, and they will want to go to bed early at night.I feel very tired when shopping or exercise.

3. Dizziness

In the early stages of pregnancy, after a long or slightly fatigue, the pregnant mothers feel dizzy.

4. frequent urination

When your friend tells you that you go to the bathroom more times than before. In the case of non -disease causes, this may also be a signal of pregnancy.

5. Pregnancy

We often see this on TV that in the first week of pregnancy, many women will have endless pregnancy reactions, some will have morning vomiting, or when you smell some smellsEssence

6. sensitivity to odor

In normal times, some unwilling smells, or a very pleasant taste, will be enlarged infinitely in pregnant mothers, accompanied by pregnancy vomiting.

7. Greed or anorexia

Many pregnant mothers will want to eat a certain food in the early pregnancy, but there are also some pregnant mothers who are disgusted with food that I like to eat before …

8. High body temperature

Pregnancy can also make the human body temperature higher.Pregnant mothers may feel a little hot, so they doubt whether she is cold.At this time, pregnant mothers should measure their body temperature to see if it is higher than normal body temperature.

9. Bed bleeding

A pregnancy signal that many people know is: when the fertilized eggs start to bed in the uterus, they can cause minor bleeding.This is the so -called "bed bleeding", which will appear 3 to 6 days after fertilization.

Talk about the message area, what symptoms do you have during pregnancy?

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