Do you have committed a common misunderstanding during pregnancy?


Do you remember the complex mood of surprise and worry when you were a father and mother?In order to prevent some novice Bao Bao Bao’s handsome, optimistic and calm sister decided to sort it out all night, hoping to help you!

Common knowledge of pregnancy, have you experienced it?The following is the nine common misunderstandings summarized by Optimistic Sister:

In October, it was actually 9 months, which was caused by different calculation methods.Calculate in the units of pregnancy, usually 4 weeks, that is, 28 days is 1 month.

I saw the real events before: a couple who had not seen a different place for half a year. The last time they had the same room was last week. A few days later, the girlfriend told him that she was pregnant for four weeks.The doctor’s verification did not know that the obstetrics weeks were calculated from the first day of the last menstruation, and it was not started from the day of the same room.

The real case is a friend of mine. Her mother -in -law told her that the fatter, the better, so that the fetus can absorb sufficient nutrition.As a result, her weight rose from 40kg, and her body weight was 60kg in only 20 weeks. In the end, the doctor strongly asked to control diet and weight.Remember that Bao Ma is not as fat as he gets, as long as the fetus weight and size can be in normal gestational weekly weeks.

Within the first five months of pregnancy, there is no need to sleep on the left side, how to sleep comfortably.After 28 weeks of pregnancy, right rotation began to appear, and the oppression of the right cavity veins was heavier. The left side was needed. You can also replace the right side position appropriately to prohibit flat lying.

It can be used. Pregnant women have increased hormones in the body during pregnancy, and the skin will deteriorate. It is necessary to use skin care products of pregnant women.

It is meaningless to study fetal position 30 weeks ago. Because the fetal position before 30 weeks is not fixed, it will change, so there is no tirelessness in 30 weeks ago.Bao Bao Bao, do n’t worry about it.

For safety reasons, sexual life cannot be carried out in the first three months and the next three months of pregnancy. There is no discomfort in the middle of pregnancy. It can be properly carried out.

The pregnancy reaches or exceeds 42 weeks. It is called an expired pregnancy. It is necessary to intervene in artificial intervention. You can no longer wait for the "cooked naturally".

The due date is just a reference time, which is convenient for our Baoma to prepare in advance, but few Baoma just launched on the day of the due date. Most of them are a few days in advance or postponed for several days. This is normal.

What do you have experienced during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area. You can let everyone communicate and learn from each other, thank you!

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