Do you even check the tires when you check it twice?Rest assured, low progesterone is not so terrible!

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Wen 丨 Jingma said, original content.

Yesterday, a quasi -mothers who just got pregnant: I just got pregnant, the first blood pulpone was 10, HCG was 81, and the progesterone was 90 and HCG was 270.Ask if Jingma’s progesterone is low, will there be a fetal stop, do you need to eat fetal medicine?

Many expectant mothers who are pregnant will pay special attention to the level of progesterone and HCG. In addition, doctors say that low progesterone needs to be treated with tires. Many expectant mothers are even scared to cry, worried about abortion.

Welon is progesterone and is secreted by luteal after ovulation.Here are a few common sense about progesterone.

1. Weltones are dynamic changes

Some expectant mothers find that after pregnancy, the level of progesterone in the second test is lower than that of the first measured progesterone, and she is particularly worried about whether it is "abnormal."

In fact, progesterone will change.Studies have found that in the middle and late stages of luteal, the secretion of progesterone is "pulse", that is, progesterone secretion during this period is dynamic.

Therefore, I found that the level of progesterone is different, and the second time is too low to be too anxious when the first time.

2. Different progesterone levels of each woman

There are also differences in the levels of progesterone secretion of different female progesterone. Specific mothers should find that some women have low progesterone every time after pregnancy, but some women are very high.

Many women around me were less than 10 after pregnancy, but the baby was born smoothly.Like us, it belongs to "the level of progesterone is low", so it is not necessary to be too tangled with the level of progesterone.

3. It is unscientific to evaluate the function of luteal at a level of progesterone

There are also many women who find that the progesterone is very low after taking blood to measure the progesterone. In addition, the advice given by the doctor is "low progesterone and need to be treated with tires."

In fact, it is just as a reference for progesterone. Low progesterone can not indicate that the embryo is not good.

Jingma’s suggestion is: don’t worry too much about the level of each progesterone, as long as HCG doubles, and there is no abdominal pain and bleeding, don’t worry too much.

Many expectant mothers have found that as long as the progesterone is less than 25ng/ml, the doctor will remind the doctor that it is low for progesterone and need to be treated.Indeed, medicine is medical about the diagnostic criteria for "progesterone":

Welon ≥25 ng/ml, indicating good pregnancy in the palace;

Mogoone is between 5 and 25 ng/ml, and it is necessary to improve and understand it;

Modernone <5 ng/ml, mostly indicates that the pregnancy ending is not good.

Many expectant parents’ personal messages or leaves consultation, saying, "Low progesterone, doctors to keep their fetus, what should I do?" This should be a question that most of the newly pregnant couples are tangled.

In fact, from the perspective of a doctor, the progesterone is less than 25, and it is the responsibility of the doctor to keep the fetus directly that the low progesterone needs to be kept.

But in fact, low progesterone does not explain any problems, and progesterone has only begun in recent years. Previously, it was not measured that progesterone was not measured.

As long as HCG doubles, and there is no bleeding and abdominal pain, you don’t have to worry too much. As for the problem of preservation, just follow the doctor’s doctor’s advice.

It is likely that progesterone is low. After all, the level of progesterone has a lot to do with its own body quality. Some women themselves are low.However, the first child "low progesterone, abortion or fetal stop", the second child may still have low progesterone, but it may not necessarily stop or abortion.

Before I was pregnant with my son, I was pregnant with one, low progesterone, and the pregnancy was very low, only 8 o’clock, and then the fetal stopped from 9 weeks; after half a year, I was pregnant with my son. I just found my pregnancy.The ketone is still very low, only 7 o’clock, but HCG has doubled, so the child has always been healthy, and now he is four and a half years old.

And I am low in both progesterone, so it belongs to people with low progesterone, but it does not affect the healthy development of children.

Jingma said: Many expectant parents who have just become pregnant often consult my questions about progesterone and HCG. This article is considered a comprehensive answer to this question. I hope to help more pregnancy and newly pregnant couples, correctlyKnowing the problem of progesterone.

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