Do n’t carry it hard when pregnant women are sick. Delay the treatment of “disaster to the fetus”

In the outpatient clinic, many pregnant mothers’ diseases are often seen until they are more serious before they choose to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. The main reason is that "taking medicine can cause fetal malformations", so many pregnant mothers can only be hard to get sick and can only be hardened when they are sick.Carry.So is the symptoms of discomfort during pregnancy?

Cold, cough, eczema, allergies during pregnancy … casual a few common diseases are enough to make pregnant mothers feel helpless.

After all, many pregnant mothers think that for the sake of baby, try not to take medicine during pregnancy.

Indeed, it is not possible to take medicine during pregnancy. The use of medication in private will affect the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus.

One of the world’s most well -known reproductive medical journals, Human Reproduction, published a study: ibuprofen will penetrate the placenta barrier and cause harm to women’s fetal reproductive system!

The original text of this journal is as follows:

If pregnant women take analgesia at the first 24 weeks of pregnancy, the number of egg cells in their daughter’s ovaries may decrease.In the first three months of the fetal development, ibuprofen will significantly reduce the number of follicles of female fetus, and follicles will form egg cells.These reproductive cells are either die or cannot grow and reproduce normally.

Original journal

In addition to ibuprofen, many drugs also cause damage to maternal and infant health.Generally speaking, the drug instructions marked the disable of pregnant women, which is really unavailable.It is used by pregnant women with caution and can be used under the guidance of a doctor.

I found a few drugs instructions and show it to everyone. For example, the mention mentioned earlier, which clearly emphasizes the disabled of pregnant women.

洛 洛 洛 洛 洛

In addition, the instructions of the commonly used medicine 999 cold also emphasized that it was used by pregnant women.

999 Cold Specter Manual

Anyone who has emphasized that "pregnant women’s disable" or "use cautious" have been emphasized or may cause damage to mothers and infants, so when pregnant mothers use medication, they must pay more attention to the description "For pregnant women on the instructions.Suggestions for medication. "

Although pregnant mothers have many restrictions on medication, they are not completely unable to use the medicine. Sister Ma suggested: I feel that the body is not suitable to seek medical treatment in time. According to the doctor’s professional guidance, you must not "hardly resist" because you don’t want to use the medicine!Because you are sick during pregnancy, you may cause the fetus if you don’t treat it in time!

I saw such a news before:

Ms. Li Nan was pregnant for three months. Because she did not treat it in time, she not only became a patient with severe pneumonia, but the children did not keep it.

It turned out that after 3 months of pregnancy, Ms. Li had been coughing because she had been cold. When she had a fever to 39.8 ° C. In order to protect the abdomen, she had no medication for timely treatment.

Until the fifth day, Ms. Li began to cough blood and sputum at night, and chest tightness occurred.

After arriving at the hospital, severe respiratory distress, blood cough, phlegm, hypoxia, full body, infectious shock, diagnosed as severe pneumonia. During the illness and treatment, the fetus died in the abdomen and could only conduct a drug abortion.

After reading this painful case, we returned to the initial discussion question: Can pregnant women take medicine?Should I take medicine?

Answer: Pregnant women can take medicine!But we must take reasonable medication under the guidance of professional doctors and pharmacists!Can’t use medicine by yourself!

Professional doctors and pharmacists will choose medicines suitable for pregnant women according to the situation.If you can use the medicine yourself, you may cause fetal malformations. Pregnant mothers do not need to refuse the medication, but follow the "SAY NO!

Even if you are careful and careful during pregnancy, pay attention, but you may still have a cold.For ordinary colds, such as slight nasal congestion, sneezing, just drink plenty of water, maintain enough sleep, and appropriately supplement vitamins, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, blueberries, kiwi, carrots, etc., wait for the body to automatically recover.Or asking for syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine is also a good choice.

But if the pregnant mother herself has felt very uncomfortable and pain, please go to a regular hospital in time. Do n’t try to remedy easily and delay your illness!

As long as the problem of safe medication during pregnancy, the problem of pregnant mothers can’t be asked for three days and three nights.

Therefore, in order to better answer everyone’s questions and truly master the correct knowledge of medication during pregnancy, Sister Ma sorted out the main points of safe medicine during pregnancy.

The four principles of safe medication during pregnancy

Principles 1: Timely seeking the condition and pregnancy to tell the doctor clearly;

Principle 2: After taking the medicine, check it clearly and ask the usage and dosage;

Principle three: After returning home, properly store the medicine and take medicine in accordance with the doctor’s advice;

Principle 4: There are any uncomfortable reactions during the medication, you should seek medical treatment again in time.

All in all: Pregnant mothers can’t take medicine and try prescriptions if they are sick, but they can’t carry them hard. I feel uncomfortable to go to the doctor in time. Under the guidance of a doctor, we can use the medicine reasonably to avoid delaying the treatment of "misfortunes"!

Today, there are so many knowledge about "pregnant women’s safe medicine". What are the problems with everyone? Welcome to ask in the message area that Sister Ma will take time to reply to everyone.


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