Do not want to drink water in frequent urination?Pregnant women are recommended to drink plenty of water, drink plenty of water, and drink plenty of water

Many pregnant mothers are embarrassed when they talk about going to the toilet, either else or trouble.In fact, pregnant women really have to drink plenty of water, but how much it is unclear, so today’s topic is "pregnant women drink water"!

The source of life is the main component of the human circulatory system, including digestion and absorption, and nutritional transmission and metabolism, as well as maintaining the concentration of body fluid, including blood, which cannot be separated from water.

After pregnancy, the level of hormones has risen, and the metabolic ability of pregnant women has accelerated.For example, the acceleration of heartbroke can increase the amount of oxygen portion; the metabolism of lipid sugar and protein accelerates, and the bladder is stimulated to increase frequent urination. Therefore, pregnant women need to drink more water than before pregnancy.

The China Nutrition Society suggests: Pregnant women consume 1,700 to 1900ml of water every day from the second trimester, and only 1500 to 1700ml of water per day in the early pregnancy and preparation.The capacity of an ordinary bottle of mineral water is 500ml, which means that pregnant women drink 3 bottles and a half of mineral water every day.

First, pregnant women drink water and try to be regular.Don’t think about it, don’t drink it if you can’t think of it; or drink when you are thirsty, don’t drink if you don’t thirst, this is not good.

2. It is usually recommended to drink water once a day between 2 to 3 hours a day and an increase of 100ml of exercise.

Third, drink water "eat less meals", try to be as slow as possible every time you drink water, so as to absorb; if you drink water too fast, the osmotic pressure will be reduced, which will excrete more water.

Fourth, pregnant women drink water, try to drink boiled water.Fruit juice, tea water, cola, coffee or other drinks can be reduced.For example, tea hydraulic diuretic, fruit juice contains too much sugar, cola and coffee contain caffeine, so it is best to hold back.

Pregnant mothers with pregnancy edema can reduce drinking water in moderation, especially before going to bed.In addition, the intake of salt should be controlled, and the daily salt intake must not exceed 6 grams (the amount of a beer bottle cap).If you have any questions, leave a message.I wish you a good pregnancy!

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