Do not sentence your child to death: Can you still have the wrong medicine for your child?

A type of consultation often encountered by outpatient clinics is that the emergency contraceptive pills are pregnant again after taking the matter. Can this child still be required?This is actually a problem of medication during pregnancy.

Regarding the problem of medication during pregnancy, we must first tell the two points, one is the problem of drug classification, and the other is the time of medication.

1. Some medicines, expectant mothers can also take: drug classification during pregnancy

Most commonly used drugs can give a safety classification according to the corresponding clinical data: A, B, C, D, X.

Although I am pregnant, it is not unavailable for any medicine. If it is a drug of Class A or B, it is still fine; even if it is C -drug, it is not necessary to taboo if necessary.

Most clinical commonly used drugs are category B or C. Specific can read the drug manual, and you can also use the "medicinal assistant" on your mobile phone to search for the drug classification.

2. Some time periods, it’s okay to take the wrong medicine: the time for medication during pregnancy

The pregnancy time is very long, and the impact of medication at different times is different.

Within 14 days

If the drug affects it, it will directly act on the embryo cells, causing direct death of the embryo; or there are not enough cells that affect, and there will be no serious consequences.This is medically known as the effect of "all or no".

Therefore, either you have not conceived. If you are pregnant successfully, it means that the drug has no effect.

I have to bed for 14 days to 3 months

This time is the time of differentiation of each system. If it has an impact, it is the most serious time point for teratings.Therefore, it is generally believed that the first three months of pregnancy is a sensitive period of teratogenicism; after 3 months, the differentiation of each system is basically ending, which is a process of growing up, and the teratogenic effect during this period has declined.

Third, take contraceptives and get pregnant: the effect of contraceptive pills

Emergency contraceptives are commonly used in synthetic progesterone (generally oltyopatonone) such as "Yuting", and macyehone.

From the perspective of drug classification, these two are X categories.That is to say, if you are pregnant clearly, clinical is banned.

However, from time to time, the time to take emergency contraceptives is within 72 hours after sexual intercourse, so this time either has not been in bed or just bed, so the impact on the embryo should be "all mentioned above" all mentioned above.Or none.

That is to say, if contraceptives do not cause abortion of embryos, there should be no serious consequences on the impact on the embryo.

Therefore, if you take emergency contraceptives immediately after sex, and the result is still pregnant, then you can continue your pregnancy.

However, some people may take the time to take medicine, or have continuous medication within a month, or have no protective sexual life before this medication.In these cases, the impact on the fetus is hard to say.Even if the so -called "safe contraception" is used, it is not safe and may be pregnant.So be careful.

I heard that some people directly suggested to abortion, and I think this is a bit too hasty.

In China, it is too easy to get a fetus. For doctors, it is recommended that abortion can be said to be the smallest choice, but this is also a life.

According to a large sample study, babies born to women who have taken nonone before conception have a relatively obvious risk of abnormal deformed. Although the drug is related to birth defects, this is also a probability of probabilityThe question is, it depends on how you understand this "8.4%".

Therefore, after taking contraceptives, children should not stay, and they should be at the attitude of both parties and men and women.

In fact, since I think of taking contraceptives, it may be that I do n’t want children, but the contraceptive fails and the damage caused by miscarriage, so this kind of tangling.

Therefore, the most fundamental solution is not to take emergency contraceptives as conventional contraceptive methods!

Fourth, it is inevitable to take the wrong medicine during pregnancy: What should I do if I accidentally take the wrong medicine?

In addition to contraceptives, it is not uncommon to take "wrong" drugs during pregnancy.

For example, if you don’t know about pregnancy, you accidentally eat what antibiotics have been eaten.For the first three months of my wife’s pregnancy, I was eaten by a cold medicine as vitamins.It’s not uncommon for such things.

Many people will be very anxious, for fear that this mistake will affect the child, and even want to simply kill it.

In fact, I really accidentally take the wrong medicine during pregnancy. Don’t be too anxious. You may wish to check out which category of this medicine belongs.

Under normal circumstances, commonly used cephalosporin antibiotics are class B, which are safe; some commonly used cold medicines, if they only take it once or twice, instead of taking it for a long time, it is generally not a problem.

Therefore, if you accidentally use any medicine during pregnancy, or what medicine you will use, don’t panic first. Please ask a professional doctor for consultation to let the doctor help you judge the possible impact.

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