Do not put the bedroom in four things after pregnancy, affecting the health of pregnant women, or increasing the chance of the fetus "deformity"

Fetal malformations generally occur before 12 weeks of pregnancy, that is, in the early stages of pregnancy. This stage is a period of "neural tube". If the pregnant mother has survived these weeks smoothly, the probability of fetal malformations will be small.

Pregnant moms should not only pay attention to their safety and health, but also always pay attention to the movement of the baby in the belly.For the health of yourself and the fetus, you must pay attention to many details in life.

The details determine the success or failure, especially the first mother mother, lacks relevant experience, and may have some blind spots that have bred, and they cannot avoid risks well.For example, do not put these four things in the bedroom.

Otherwise, it will affect the health of pregnant women, and it is likely to increase the chance of "malformation" of the fetus, which must attract enough attention!

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother Xiaomei has not been very good due to frequent urination.Some time before, she liked to promote sleep with aromatherapy, so she felt that there was no problem after pregnancy.

On this day, Xiaomei turned the box to find things, but it scared the prospective dad. Her husband said that she would be more delicate after pregnancy. Don’t do this strength.After listening, Xiaomei was so beautiful, but when she said what she was looking for, her husband did not do it.

Husband said to her, how can these chemicals be used during pregnancy?It’s not good for the fetus!Xiaomei saw that her husband changed her husband, and cried herself grievablely, and said that she couldn’t sleep well.

While soothing her emotions, her husband became popular, and eventually he convinced his wife.Later, the aromatherapy was found out, but in order to break the thought of the pregnant mother, the husband hurriedly looked at the aroma and said "expires" and threw it decisively.

I thought it was for the baby, and I didn’t care about him.In fact, in the bedroom where the pregnant mother rests, don’t put these four things, or increase the chance of "deformity" of the fetus, it is not possible!

1) Aromatics

In daily life, aromatherapy can indeed alleviate stress and promote sleep, but it is not recommended to use it for special bodies such as pregnant women.

You should know that a lot of flavors and chemicals are often added to the aromatherapy. Excessive inhalation may affect the development of the fetus.In the same way, do not place flowers with too strong taste in the bedroom.

Some pregnant mothers will be allergic, and they may also be excited because of these aromas, and it is even more difficult to fall asleep.

2) Cool oil

In summer, many people like to use cool oil to refresh their brains, or join in a bath to achieve the effect of removing mosquitoes.Cool oil is very good for itching, but it is not recommended to use pregnant women.

Camphor pills are synthesized by camphor and eucalyptus oil. These chemical composition will enter the body through the skin of expectant mothers, which will greatly increase the probability of fetal malformations.

3) Camphor pill

Camphor pills are more common in daily life, which can be dehumidified and dehumidified.However, most of the camphor pills on the market today contain a chemical ingredients such as pupae and chemical components such as dichlorobenzene, with a strong pungent taste.

For dichlorobenzene, it contains toxicity. If it is easy to poison for pregnant women for a long time, the milder will also experience severe pregnancy and skin allergies. This is the case of pregnant mothers. The health of the fetus can be imagined.

4) Primitive mosquito coils

After the summer, there are more mosquitoes, and mosquito coils are the most primitive and most effective way.The original mosquito coils have a lot of taste. The chemicals contained in it are mixed in the air and can easily be inhaled into the body.

It is still very uncomfortable for pregnant women, but it will also affect health for pregnant women.

In fact, the above four items will be marked with the words "for pregnant women" or "pregnant women with caution". However, there are still improper things for pregnant mothers. If you use it wrong, you must wake up.

Since preparing for pregnancy, the husband and wife have to plan. In the first three months of the baby’s baby, and within 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is a critical period for the development of fetal nerve tube development. Prospective mothers should take folic acid to actively avoid the harmful environment.

For example, the newly renovated rooms, tobacco and alcohol environment, and poor air circulation, etc., strive to improve their immunity and stay away from virus invasion.

Because the time for pregnancy and pregnancy cannot be fully grasped, it is recommended that starting from planning to be pregnant, it should be supplemented with folic acid, and it can also be obtained from food.

Folic acid -rich foods are: vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, asparagus, all kinds of beans and yeast, animal liver, and apples and citrus.

After pregnancy, you must strictly ask yourself, not only the bedroom environment, but also pay attention to the working environment and ride environment.If you find something wrong, you can further detect it through Tang’s screening or amniotic fluid puncture.

In the end, the pregnant mother is responsible for herself, which is to be responsible for the child and get pregnant ~

I am a candy mother, a mother who studies a growth type, focuses on pregnancy and parenting. If you want to raise your baby easily, do n’t forget to pay attention. The candy mother team will answer questions for your parenting road.

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