Do not grab it by hand during pregnancy. Try these 4 methods, not only effective for the fetus

Wenwen has been pregnant for more than 6 months, and I always feel itchy on my belly recently. Sometimes I can’t help but can’t help but grab it with my hands. After grabbing, the belly becomes particularly red.To the baby.

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers will feel itchy stomach in the late pregnancy or late pregnancy. Some expectant mothers will immediately catch the belly when it itchs. In fact, this approach is not only incorrect, but may even hurt the baby.

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What’s wrong with itching during pregnancy

After pregnancy, the expectant mother’s stomach is itchy, usually the fetus grows and develops, and the uterus increases, causing the abdominal skin to be opened.In addition, there are also some expectant mothers’ belly skin and the skin is relatively dry, and it may also cause itching in the belly. If it is not treated in time, a red -red seal may soon appear on the belly of the expectant mother.

It should be noted that if the expectant mother’s stomach has been itchy and lasts for a long time, there may be some abnormal situations. At this time, the expectant mother should go to a regular doctor to check it.Once there is a problem, it is necessary to take timely measures.

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During pregnancy, it is itchy. Moms should not catch it by hand. Try these 4 methods, which is not only effective for fetal babies.

There is a itch on the stomach during pregnancy. If the expectant mother grabs with her hands, it is easy to scratch the skin and even affect the baby.Essence

1. Wipe dry in time after sweating

Generally, the body temperature of pregnant women will be higher than that of ordinary people. In addition, the belly increases the body burden, so it is easy to sweat a little bit.After the prospective mother sweats, sweat and evaporate on the belly, they will feel itchy and make people want to catch it.

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In order to alleviate the itching of the stomach, it is recommended that expectant mothers wipe the water as soon as possible after sweating. Usually, it is best to bring a small towel on the body.To go too hot, so as not to sweat too much.

2. Try to wear loose cotton clothes

Usually after pregnancy, not only the stomach of the expectant mother will increase, but the limbs may become thicker. It is about 4 or 5 months pregnant, and the expectant mother may not be worn before pregnancy., And for discomfort, it is also necessary for expectant mothers to choose some suitable maternity clothes for themselves.

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Due to the greater and larger stomach of the expectant mothers during pregnancy, and sweating more, expectant mothers are best to choose some loose and comfortable cotton clothes for themselves.This can also avoid the stomach because the clothes are too small, which will cause itching, and even reduce the impact on the baby.

3. Use less stimulating the skin or drying the skin

Due to more sweating during pregnancy, the number of expectant mothers will increase.When taking a bath, most expectant mothers will use some products (such as shower gel or soap, etc.) to clean the skin. Of course, the expectant mothers can use cleaning products when bathing.The phenomenon.

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4. Avoid too dry skin

Many expectant mothers have such a cognition: the stomach itchy after pregnancy is definitely long.In fact, if the expectant mothers prevent in advance, often apply some moisturizing products (such as natural olive oil, professional removal cream, etc.). Do not let the skin too dry, and it is possible to avoid the appearance of the "watermelon" belly.

In the end, you need to pay special attention to: the stomach is itchy during pregnancy. Moms do not catch it with your hands (especially nails). You must know that this can easily scratch the skin. There are many bacteria on the nails.Nails tickle and may even affect the baby.So be sure to pay special attention.

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In short, itching on the stomach during pregnancy may be a normal phenomenon, or there may be some abnormalities.It is recommended that expectant mothers go to the hospital in time to check. If there is no problem, pay more attention to dressing and moisturize the skin. The most important thing is not to catch it with your hands.

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