Do not blister the fungus directly, which is equivalent to eating insect eggs. It is really practical to teach you the correct practice.

Black fungus contains a large amount of nutrients, including vitamin E and protein, etc. These substances can make people’s skin better care and can nourish yin and lungs, so it is still very popular with people.

When we use black fungus stir -fry, we need to take it out of the hair, because the black fungus sold on the market is basically dry. You need to take it home to soak it. If you buy it, you have already soaked the hair.Good black fungus may also have some bacteria.

Therefore, when we are soaked in dry fungus, we must pay attention not to soak water directly, otherwise it is equivalent to eating worm eggs. So what method should we use to soak hair?Today, I will share a little trick with you. Come and see if you don’t know.

First of all, we must buy black fungus before making black ink, so we must learn to choose when buying fungus.How can I choose good black fungus?First, it should be dependent on its color. Generally, the normal black fungus is dark brown or the gray side of the gray -white side is the black black side that looks very full and shiny, and it will curl it when drying.

If the black fungus bought is not other changes in this color or color, then everyone must be careful, it may be a deterioration fungus.

In addition, we can also pinch the sound of black fungus with a hand with a hand. The black fungus that has been dried is easy to break, and there will be a relatively crisp sound. This kind of fungus is a relatively high -quality fungus.

After selecting the right black fungus, we will take it back and soak it again. When soaking, we can put it directly in warm water, and then we put it in the right amount of sugar, about one or two spoons, wait for it to wait for itSoak.

The role of adding sugar is to speed up the foaming speed of the black fungus, which can save more time, and we can clean it directly after the soaking.

When you soak your hair fungus, it is best to use warm water. If you use water, your hair speed will be slower. If you use hot water, it may destroy the surface of the black fungus and the structure.Effect.

You have soaked the fungus, do not wash it directly with water. We should wash it with warm water, and then pour the appropriate amount of edible soda or edible alkali in warm water.Wash the black fungus cleaner.

If the water of the black fungus is relatively dirty, then we can add some flour when cleaning the black fungus. The flour can absorb the dirty Dongxi on the surface of the fungus to clean it more clean, so the flour and the soda are essential, so that we can in orderThe outbreak of clean and beautiful fungus.

After cleaning, we need to put it under the flowing water and clean the water several times to clean it.

However, you should remind everyone here that you must eat well in time, because after the soaking time of more than 8 hours, other bacteria are prone to appear. Black fungus that breeds bacteria may adversely affect the body.So everyone must pay special attention.

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