Do I need to stay in bed after implantation of test tube embryos?Don’t panic during the bed bleeding, there may be these reasons

After the embryo is implanted, the expectant mother will reach the final level of the test tube baby, so she will also look at each condition carefully. Afraid that there will be omissions, it will affect the embryo bed.Regarding the embryonic and before the pregnancy test, the expectant mother may wish to refer to the following precautions to help the embryo bed more stable.

Precautions after embryonic implantation?Do I need to stay in bed all the time?

After the embryo is implanted, you can lie down for about 30 to 45 minutes, but you do n’t need to lie deliberately for a long time after returning home. In the high hormonal state, he has always increased the risk of venous embolism.Although it should still be avoided, more than 10 kilograms of heavy objects, heavy training, track and field and other intense exercise should be avoided, but mild mild activities such as shopping and walking can be appropriately performed.

In terms of living habits, try not to take a bath, hot spring, swimming, and take the medicine on time in accordance with the doctor’s advice.In addition, staying away from second -hand smoke, alcohol and balanced diet, sufficient sleep, etc., are actually no different from the precautions in the early stages of pregnancy.

How long can the pregnancy test after embryo?What is the method of pregnancy testing?

It can be tested in about two weeks after implantation. It is recommended to return to the clinic to test the pregnancy and test the pregnancy, because the blood drawing can accurately test the pregnancy index, and it is also conducive to the follow -up tracking.Cheng Development.One week after the first pregnancy test, you can try to confirm the position of the embryo sac through the ultrasonic.

Some couples can’t wait to know the implant results before they return the clinic, and use the pregnancy test stick to test the pregnancy early, but also remind the prospective parents that if the pregnancy test stick does not show pregnancy, it does not mean that there is no bed in bed, it should still be based on it.The results of the blood test are prevailing.

After the embryo is implanted, does the bleeding before pregnancy mean that it does not succeed?

Not necessarily, in the early stages of pregnancy, the embryo and endometrium are in an unstable stage. If it is small bleeding, it does not rule out the possibility of bed bleeding.

In general, doctors will first judge the position of bleeding to exclude bleeding such as cervix and polyps. When it is determined to be bleeding inside the uterus, and then view the state with ultrasonic waves.The amount of bleeding in some cases is large, but the results of the ultrasonic waves are good; some seem to be small bleeding. In fact, there are blood clots in the inside. Regardless of the amount of bleeding, as long as there are any problems or symptoms, you can directly return to the consultation. Please attend the doctor to judge the judgmentIf necessary, the lutein dose will also be adjusted to maintain endometrial stability.

What do you need to do to help the embryo more stable bed?

Generally, the embryo heartbeat can be detected around the seventh week; the twelfth week, the fetus has become stable.With the increase of the number of pregnancy weeks, doctors will slowly reduce the dose of the drug, but the mothers of pregnancy should still cooperate with the treatment and medication planning. Do not stop the drug or adjust the frequency of medication.For nutrients such as folic acid and vitamins, it can be added at the same time.

In addition, it is also reminded that because the same room may cause uterine contraction, sexual behavior should still be avoided in the early stages of pregnancy. It is recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

If the embryo and the endometrium are fine, but after implantation, it is not successful. What is possible?

If the embryo is implanted, the uterine mirror, ultrasonic and the embryonic chromosomes have been performed, and the chromosomes of the embryo are in bed. It is confirmed that the embryo and endometrium state is good, but it is still unable to bed or repeated abortion.Two times are always thinking.

1. Plant the environment

Due to the sensitivity of the autoimmune system, embryos may be mistakenly used as foreign bodies, and antibody attacks embryo. Even if they go in bed smoothly, they still cannot develop. If it is caused by autologous immune diseasesEssence

2. Planting time

Each menstrual cycle, only within a period of bed and windows, the endometrium has the ability to accept embryos and bed, and everyone’s bed window period is different.Maybe just because the timing of implantation is not right. At this time, you can consider adding the endometrial tolerance to detect it to find the most suitable time for implantation.

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