Do I need surgical resection without pain and itchy side milk?

There are often patients asking me: "Dr. Zhang, the armpits have a pair of breasts during pregnancy, and there is no longer after giving birth to a child. Do you need surgical resection?

Personally, I recommend going to the hospital for a breast examination. Take a look at the structure. If the pair of breasts have degraded, they are all adipose tissues. Without any special changes, you can consider observation and temporarily do not consider surgery for the time being.If the structure of the sub -mammary glands is poor, or the campaving \ lump is hard, you should consider surgical resection.

How to form a pair of milk?

The formation of auxiliary milk is due to the original six to eight pairs of mammary gland degeneration when the mother is in the mother’s body. Only a pair of breasts develop normally. If the other breast development is abnormal, the auxiliary milk will be formed. In this caseThe breasts have the same function, and therefore also have the risk of breast disease, so women must pay attention to it.The formation of sub -milk is also divided into two types: congenital breast development abnormalities and acquired breast gland, so the solution of the two is not the same.

How to treat congenital sub -milk?

The congenital formation of the auxiliary milk is formed due to abnormal development of the breast. It is the same as normal breasts. It will occur before the menstrual period. It will even secrete milk during pregnancy and breastfeeding.Complete and shrink.If it may be treated with a lesion, it should be treated with a minimally invasive Anke surgical resection. The surgery should be safe and beautiful.

How to treat the auxiliary milk formed the day after tomorrow?

The auxiliary milk formed the day after tomorrow is mainly formed by various reasons such as obesity, lack of exercise, and underwear. In this case, the auxiliary milk formed can be easily solved as long as it is in a certain way.First of all, women must choose underwear suitable for their breasts. They are not advocated when they are too small. When wearing underwear, they can properly collect their breasts on the underwear, which can play a role in a breast gathers; women should pay attention to pay attention toAdd more exercise, it is best to do some arm movements to prevent fat accumulation.

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