Do I have to supplement calcium after pregnancy?How to supplement calcium to just right?Pregnant women must know

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Jingjing, who was just found to be pregnant, went out to buy a lot of pregnancy supplies during the Sunday time, including maternity costumes, baby clothes, and various nutrients.Among them, the salesman told her that she had to buy calcium tablets, and pregnant women had to supplement calcium.Jingjing had never heard such a statement before, but now that the salesperson has already said, buy it.But after returning home, she didn’t know when to start calcium supplementation and how to replenish it, and fell into confusion.Many pregnant women should know that calcium is required during pregnancy, but many pregnant women do not know how to correct calcium supplementation, and they will fall into some misunderstandings of calcium supplementation.Regarding this, it is necessary for pregnant women to know clearly so that they can do more with less.

Do all pregnant women need calcium supplement?

The answer is yes, all pregnant women need calcium supplementation during pregnancy.All nutrients required by the fetus during development are taken from pregnant women, including calcium.This means that there are far more calcium that pregnant women need to supplement.Although pregnant women can also take calcium from many foods, they can not meet the needs of their own and fetuses by relying on food supplements. They still need to be supplemented by calcium tablets.If the pregnant woman does not supplement calcium in time and the calcium content in the blood is low, pregnant women are prone to muscle spasm, leg cramps, teeth fall off, and even fractures.

When to start having calcium supplement?How to make up?

Many pregnant women are more puzzled "When to start calcium supplementation? How to make replenishment correctly?" In fact, at different stages of pregnancy, pregnant women have different needs for calcium.

Early pregnancy: At this time, the fetus is still very small, and the demand for calcium is not very large. The need for calcium for pregnant women is not much different from before, and it can meet the intake of 800mg per day.As long as you usually eat more calcium -rich foods, sunbathing the sun, and promoting the absorption of calcium, you can basically meet the needs of yourself and the fetus.Of course, if pregnant women have calcium deficiency before pregnancy, then calcium supplementation is needed in the early stages of pregnancy. You can consult a doctor.

In the middle of pregnancy: Entering the second trimester, the fetus also begun to develop rapidly, especially the development of bones, and the demand for calcium is relatively large. Pregnant women need to ensure a 1000mg of calcium intake per day.And this alone cannot be satisfied with food supplement, so at this time, pregnant women will start taking additional calcium.

In the third trimester: During the third trimester, the demand for calcium for pregnant women has increased, and 1200mg should be added every day.Similarly, in addition to eating some high calcium foods, pregnant women must continue to supplement calcium.

How many things you need to pay attention to if you need to pay attention

1. Calcium supplement time is particular

If calcium and oxalic acid and acid are combined, it will affect the absorption of calcium.Therefore, the best time for pregnant women should be before sleeping, or between two meals.The concentration of blood calcium in the middle of the night and morning is the lowest. At this time, it is most suitable for calcium supplementation.

2. Avoid taking at the same time as iron agents

Many pregnant women have iron supplementation in addition to calcium supplementation during pregnancy.It should be noted that if pregnant women take calcium and iron at the same time, it will affect the absorption of iron.Therefore, the two drugs can be taken separately so that the absorption of iron is not affected.

3. Bone soup does not replenish calcium

When it comes to calcium supplement, many people think of bone soup.I feel that the bones are boiled to thick and milky white, and the calcium content in it must be very high.In fact, this is a misunderstanding.There are indeed a large amount of calcium in the bone, but it does not dissolve in water. Generally, the bone soup is difficult to dissolve the calcium salt in it.Instead, the fat and cholesterol in the bone marrow became the main ingredient in the soup. After the pregnant woman drinks it, not only does it not be possible to supplement the calcium supplement, but it will become fat.

Tao Ma said: Calcium supplementation is a major event during pregnancy, and pregnant women should not be too blind.If pregnant women can learn about these calcium supplements in advance, they will not make mistakes during pregnancy, so that calcium supplementation can just get the right effect.How do you supplement calcium during pregnancy?

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