Do I have to send a pet away from pregnancy?Can I raise pets during pregnancy?


Can I raise pets during pregnancy?

The answer is: Yes.

Will pets during pregnancy will affect the health of pregnant women and children, and there has always been controversy. The biggest controversy is- "Pets when pregnancy will infected toxoplasma, leading to fetal malformations."

Some people say that cat -raising and dog breeding can cause the infection of Toxoplasma, which has a adverse effect on the baby, but in fact, there are misunderstandings.

First of all, dogs are wronged, because bow -shaped worms are usually infected with cats and do not infect dogs.

The most common pathway of cats is to be infected with a bow -shaped worm after eating mice and birds with cysts, or they are infected because they are eaten into the cysts or meat containing cysts.Infection of Toxoplasma.


How to effectively avoid toxoplasma infection

Pets are not the absolute taboo of pregnancy, and can be raised casually.

It is best to keep pets during pregnancy. During pregnancy, avoid contact with pets of pets, avoid being caught, and avoid pets to play with outside wild cats and wild dogs.


How to effectively avoid toxoplasma infection

1. Scientifically raise pets, feed cooked or washed foods or finished grains, and do not let it wander or predator in external;

2. Regularly immune to pets, physical examinations, take a bath, clean the fur, and change the pads for washing pets to sleep. The rice bowl is separated from other appliances;

3. Families to raise cats pay attention to the time for pregnant women to clean up the cat’s stool in time. It is best to wear gloves to clean up. After cleaning up, wash your hands thoroughly, and disinfect the cat sand pot regularly;

4. Pregnant women and family should not eat foods that are not cooked or unwashed, and wash their hands completely before eating;

5. Pets before pregnancy do not have an allergic reaction, and do not have to worry about during pregnancy. It is recommended not to be new pets that have not been exposed before pregnancy;

6. If pregnant women or other families who take care of pregnant women are allergic to animal fur, it is not recommended to raise pets;

7. Monitor the antibody monitoring of the cat and dog for cats and dogs;

8. Learn about related issues according to personal circumstances, refer to the doctor’s suggestion, you can continue to keep pets under the guidance of doctors.

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