Do I have to perform surgery for uterine cavity adhesion?Any treatment therapies?

For most women

Normally the uterine environment can ensure normal menstruation.

However, for women who are prepared

The stability of the uterine environment is also a fertilized egg bed

Or the premise of normal development of the fetus.

Therefore, no matter whether there is a need for pregnancy, a disease such as uterine cavity adhesion may bring us more problems. Therefore, in this case, we must treat it in time.Effectively evaluate existing problems.

Do I have to perform surgery for uterine cavity adhesion?

Each patient with adhesion may take into account the actual situation of the surgery in real life. If it is a mild uterine cavity adhesion early detection, then in this case, we can try to choose the drug for treatment.

Promote the absorption of inflammation through the form of uterine dosing, and to effectively do a good job of decomposition of uterine cavity adhesions. Generally speaking, you can gradually restore the normal uterine environment in this way, but if there is no effect for a period of treatment, if there is no effect for a period of timeIt is recommended that patients in this part also choose surgical treatment.

Moderate and severe uterine adhesion

Patients with uterine cavity adhesion should do a good job of diagnosis and treatment under moderate and severe conditions. Generally speaking, during the examination process, most people may find that the area of uterine cavity adhesion is relatively large, whichMenstruation and periodic menstruation will have an impact.

Surgery is necessary. The surgery of the uterine laparoscopic can be effectively decomposed by adhesion of the uterine cavity. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to a series of protection of the endometrium.Fertility will also be affected.

When is the time of uterine adhesion surgery?

As a patient with adhesion of the uterine cavity, if you want to perform surgery, it is better to surgery 3 days to 7 days after menstruation.

The surgery of the uterine cavity will definitely damage the endometrium, so choose a few days of clean menstruation for a few days. In this way, it can effectively reduce bleeding and shorten the time of patient recovery.

The endometrium is relatively thin, and the scope of damage may be relatively small. Severe uterine cavity adhesion will cause women to determine the opportunity of diagnosis and treatment in combination with actual conditions.

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