Do I have to drink pregnant women’s milk powder during pregnancy?3 types of pregnant mothers can’t drink, and 3 types of pregnant mothers can develop well for the fetus

After pregnancy, "one person eats two people to make up". Only when the pregnant mother eats reasonable, supplement nutritional, can the fetus develop better, and it will also help their health during pregnancy.

However, for unswary pregnant mothers, supplementing nutrition during pregnancy may be a difficult problem, and it is not easy to grasp.The less supplement affects the baby’s development in the belly, and it is too much fat to make up more than the length of the fetus.

Generally, in addition to normal diet, pregnant mothers may also eat various nutrients, drink pregnant women’s milk powder, etc.

According to the latest edition of the "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines (2022)", although the "some nutrient intake" after pregnancy will increase, there is also a suggestion. Under normal circumstances, it is just right to supplement according to the proposal.

For details, please refer to this dietary pagoda diagram during pregnancy.

In this article, Jingma focuses on: Is it necessary to drink pregnant women’s milk powder after pregnancy?Which pregnant mothers need to drink and which pregnant mothers can’t drink?Pregnant mothers do not make mistakes affecting the development of the baby.

Pregnant women’s milk powder is different from ordinary milk powder. It is aimed at this special stage of pregnant women during pregnancy. It is developed specially. It has strengthened a variety of nutrients required for various pregnancy, such as folic acid, calcium, iron, etc. Drinking milk powder is more conducive to the health of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

However, "supplementing nutrition during pregnancy" is particular, not all pregnant mothers are suitable for drinking pregnant women’s milk powder.

These three types of pregnant mothers do not recommend drinking pregnant women’s milk powder:

The first category: pregnant women with overweight weight

After pregnancy, a regular checkup will be checked. If the pregnant mother has exceeded the standard, the doctor will also recommend supplementing nutrition appropriately, controlling weight, and additional nutritional supplementation may lead to excessive fetus, which will also affect the smooth delivery of the later period.

The second category: pregnant women with too fast weight growth

There are "reasonable weight growth" suggestions for different pregnancy weeks of pregnancy. Specifically, you can refer to the suggestions given by "Chinese Resident Dietary Guide (2022)", as shown below.

The weight growth rate exceeds the scope of proposal, indicating that the pregnant mother’s nutritional intake is sufficient, and there is no need to add additional nutrients (if the pregnant mother who eats or picky eaters, there may be some part of the nutrient intake of the nutrients and some nutrient intake., Look at the doctor).

Third category: pregnant women with gestational diabetes

Many pregnant mothers have found high blood sugar after pregnancy, and doctors will require relatively high diet. The milk powder of pregnant women can not drink it by themselves.

However, some pregnant mothers need to drink pregnant women’s milk powder to supplement their nutrition during pregnancy because of unreasonable dietary structure and unreasonable diet structure. Beijing mothers also summarized 3 categories:

The first category: pregnant women with severe pregnancy vomiting

Different pregnant mothers have different performance in early pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers have a serious pregnancy reaction. Not only can they not eat things, they may also vomit.

At this time, you can choose pregnant women with high nutrient density to supplement early pregnancy nutrition, such as folic acid, DHA, choline, etc., to ensure that you are healthy and provide sufficient nutrition for fetal development.

The second category: pregnant women with a light weight

Generally, the pregnant mother with a light weight, the body is mostly thin, but after pregnancy, it needs to be provided to the fetal nutrients at the same time.Pregnant women’s milk powder.

Third category: pregnant women with malnutrition performance

Some pregnant mothers may have calcium deficiency, iron deficiency anemia or other malnutrition after pregnancy. Doctors also recommend food supplement. Pregnant women’s milk powder can be used as one of the choices for milk powder for pregnancy.

When I was pregnant with my son, I had a serious response in the early pregnancy. I couldn’t eat meals and dizzy. Although it was a normal pregnancy phenomenon, I was also worried about the baby’s development.After comparison, I chose A2 pregnant women’s formula milk powder after some comparison.

Here I also give the pregnant sisters, share the attention of the milk powder during the selection of pregnancy:

1. Pregnant women’s milk powder > Ordinary milk powder. After all, the maternal and maternal prescription milk is a milk powder developed specifically for pregnant people.

2. Milk powder with light taste and no greasy taste will become sensitive to the smell and taste after pregnancy. There may also be a pregnancy reaction, so milk powder with light taste is more suitable.

3. Pay attention to the content of key nutrients, which is not only to supplement the fetus nutrition, the folic acid (prevention of fetal nerve tube deformity), DHA and choline (supporting brain development), lactocrin (help protection) and calcium and iron nutrients are just nutrients and other nutrients.Pay attention to the addition.

4. Whether it is small and easy to digest and absorb the stomach stomach. After pregnancy, the stomach and intestines are not more uncomfortable than before, so you need to consider this to choose milk powder.

After comparing several pregnant women’s milk powder, A2 milk powder just meets these aspects.Now this milk powder has been newly upgraded to A2 maternal formula milk powder.

Sanhao specializes, so that pregnant mothers naturally have confidence!

Good digestion and absorption: Yuanchu A2 protein (excluding A protein, more intimate) reduces the uncomfortable belly of the pregnant mother, and at the same time bless the comfort of nutrition, which is one of the advantages of the A2 formula.

Easy to lose fat: A2 source milk from New Zealand, and one time it becomes a powder, imported from the original, the taste is light and naturally not greasy, and the fat loss in the formula is more than 60%.

Good nutritional ratio: This milk powder is equipped with pregnancy and nutrition and rich in content, such as folic acid, 1.5 times calcium, DHA and choline, 16 vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber, and add precious lactoproteinNutrition!

In short, comprehensive speaking, this is a milk powder that is very suitable for pregnant women. Whether it is taste or milk source or nutritional ratio, it is worth recommending to everyone. Sisters in need can pay attention to it.Pregnant women who are heavy and malnourished, and attach importance to the reasonable supplement of nutrition, can help the baby’s smart and healthy development!A2 Maternal Maternal Formula Milk Powder 900g ¥ 537 Buy

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