Do I have to cut my hair during pregnancy?These 3 taboos are not reliable

I believe that long -haired pregnant mothers have encountered troubles to cut their hair, especially my mother -in -law said that the long hair will be able to grab nutrition for long hair and fetal baby.After becoming yellow, it is easy to lose hair. Is it really necessary to cut it?Will long hair really grab nutrition with the baby?

The answer is of course no. In fact, this statement is pitted with a lot of pregnant mothers. For the baby, you can cut your beloved long hair for your baby.The change is not permanent for the time being, and the nutrition of the fetal baby comes from the supply of the umbilical cord, which is a "special" way, so there is no saying that long hair will compete for fetal nutrition.Taboo during pregnancy, so what other taboos are pseudo -science?

The following editors tell the mothers.

1. Can’t use mobile phones and computers during pregnancy?

Although a large number of supplementary foods can cause fetal malformations, the supplementary food of mobile phones and computers does not reach this level, but sitting in front of the computer for a long time or playing mobile phones for a long time will increase the blood pressure of pregnant mothers or increase edema., Mobile phones and computers will not have much impact on the fetus, and try to play as little as possible if you don’t worry!

2. There is no jaundice after eating bird’s nest baby during pregnancy?

Newborn baby jaundice is actually a normal phenomenon, which has nothing to do with eating or not bird’s nest. Although bird’s nest is rich in nutrition, it may not have to eat bird’s nest during pregnancy. After all, it is a small swallow’s saliva.Essence

3. Can pregnant women participate in marriage and funeral activities?

This taboo is only available in China, mainly because pregnant women will be rushed, but there is no scientific basis. The main reason for pregnant mothers to participate in such activities is that they are afraid that emotions are too excited to cause contractions or premature birth.

I have said so much that my mothers have already understood which taboos during pregnancy are pseudo -science, don’t trust anymore!

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