Do I have to be a three -swordsman for early pregnancy?

Doctor Chen, why do you check three items and two items?

The three items of early pregnancy tests mainly refer to estradiol, progesterone, and β-HCg. Among them, estradiol and progesterone are important hormones to maintain early pregnancy. These two important bodies are secreted by the ovaries.The hormone value in the body during pregnancy is increased, especially the estrogen hormone will increase significantly to ensure the normal development of the fetus.

Estopia is a hormone that promotes endometrial growth. The level of estrogen in early pregnancy increases, indicating that the endometrium hyperplasia becomes thicker, which is conducive to the bed and growth of embryos.If the estradiol is reduced, the endometrium may become thinner and prone to stem abortion.Therefore, if the estradiol is increased in early pregnancy, it usually indicates that the ovarian endocrine function is good, which indirectly reflects the good embryo growth and development.

E progression is conducive to pregnancy and fertilized eggs.After pregnancy, the secretion of HCG will promote the continuous existence of ovarian luteum function. A large amount of progesterone secrete ovarian luteal can reduce the excitement of the smooth muscle of the uterine level, inhibit contractions, and help the embryo develop normally in the uterus and not be squeezed out by the uterus.Pathotin can also promote the development of bubbles in mammary glands and prepare for postpartum breastfeeding.

Therefore, female progesterone after pregnancy generally increases significantly.Estrogen growth may be slower at 1-2 weeks of pregnancy. Generally, estrogen hyperemia will grow rapidly after 2 weeks of pregnancy.

Early pregnancy estrogen hormones are secreted by the ovaries. The placenta for three months of pregnancy is initially formed. It replaces the endocrine function of the ovaries and secretes estrogen hormone by the placenta.

Therefore, the estrogen hormone during early pregnancy can evaluate the development of the embryo through their level and the change trend.

β-HCG is a kind of glycoprotein secreted by a synthetic cells. About about the sixth day after fertilization, after the formation of the nourishing layer of the fertilized eggs, the velvet gonad hormone has begun to secrete velvet.In the early stages of pregnancy, β-HCG increased very quickly, and it could double after about 1.7-2 days, so many people know that HCG has doubled every 48 hours in early pregnancy.

Generally, the HCG serum concentration of 8-10 days of pregnancy reaches its peak, and it drops rapidly by one to two weeks.Therefore, dynamic monitoring progesterone and HCG can predict that there is no understanding of fetal growth and the ending of pregnancy.

Therefore, the normal values of detection are different.Generally speaking, if there is no signs of aura abortion, there is no history of natural abortion before, and estradiol is not necessary.

Some people think that the three items of early pregnancy test include: blood HCG test, progesterone horizontal laboratory, and ultrasonic examination. The blood HCG test is mainly to confirm whether it is pregnant after menstruation delayed. Ultrasonic examinations can observe whether intrauterine pregnancy, gestational sac size, and sizeWhether the shape is normal and whether there is a fetal heart.

In fact, there are no special circumstances, and progesterone is not required, let alone check every checkup.It is not that three swordsmen must be played for early pregnancy examinations.

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