Dietary diet during pregnancy is exquisite

Question 1: It is said that pregnant mothers have good lineine seed oil. Is there a scientific basis?

Answer: Pregnant mothers can eat linseed oil in moderation.

Daily life is inseparable from oil. Choosing edible oil with high nutritional value is the basis for healthy dietary dietary diet.Line seeds, also known as flax seeds, are seeds of one -year or perennial herbaceous plant linen, with an oil content of 36 % to 45 %.

Lineseed oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and its main component is α-linolenic acid.α-linolenic acid has certain prevention and auxiliary treatment effects on diseases such as abnormal blood lipids, hyperglycemia, obesity, children’s dysplasia, and decreased vision.

The metabolites of α-linolenic acid are directly related to the growth and development of human brain and retinal nerve cells.If lack of linolenic acid, the brain efficiency may be reduced and the response may occur.

Under normal circumstances, 3 months after pregnancy, the fetus can use α-linolenic acid in the blood of the pregnant mother to generate DHA, and then transport it to the brain and retina to form a phospholipid film.Therefore, it is very important to ensure that pregnant mothers consume α-linolenic acid daily. The best way to supplement is to choose to eat linseed oil.

Question 2: Don’t like to eat vegetables, can you eat more vitamin pills?Answer: It is not recommended.Food is the best source of nutrients.

One of the elements of cell growth is vitamins, and different vitamins have different functions and characteristics. This material human body cannot make it by itself and completely depends on food supply. It is mostly stored in vegetables and fruits.Powantic vitamins will affect the structure and growth and development of fetal baby cells.

The best source of vitamins is food. If pregnant mothers have problems with gastrointestinal tract or insufficient food supply, vitamin needs to be taken under the guidance of a doctor.Of course, you must take it in moderation, not too much intake, and eating more may endanger fetal safety.

Question 3: Now is it in the early pregnancy. Can you eat spicy food?

Answer: Try not to eat or eat less.

Eating more spicy foods can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract of pregnant mothers and increase the reaction of early pregnancy.If the pregnant mother’s kidneys have problems or hypertension, they should avoid eating spicy food, otherwise they will aggravate their condition.Of course, a small or occasional eating is generally no problem.

Question 4: Summer days are too hot, can you eat cold drinks?

Answer: Try not to eat or eat less.

Eating too much cold things may cause gastrointestinal dysfunction and diarrhea, affect the absorption of nutrients for pregnant mothers, and cause fetal dysplasia.

Question 5: If you are sick during pregnancy, you will not take medicine, right?

Answer: No.

Some drugs will affect the fetus, so many pregnant mothers have misunderstood this, and they are reluctant to seek medical treatment after they are sick., I take medicine at home, these behaviors may affect the fetus and even cause serious consequences.The correct approach is to see the doctor as soon as possible after getting sick, and at the same time tell the doctor that you are pregnant, and strictly follow the doctor’s instructions.

Question 6: Is it okay to replenish it during pregnancy?Answer: Not good.

In order to ensure the nutrition of themselves and the fetus after pregnancy, some pregnant mothers often take some warm drugs and supplements, such as ginseng, velvet antler, deer tire gum, antlers, longan, lychee, walnut, edema, edema, edema, edema, edema, edemaSymptoms such as hypertension and constipation will increase, and even miscarriage or death will occur.

In addition, even if you do n’t need to supplement, you ca n’t eat and drink for “replenishment” in diet. There is no control, which is not good for pregnant mothers and fetuses.

The harm to the mother: ① I eat without any concerns, especially if I am too much sweet intake, it will cause high blood sugar and cause danger of causing gestational diabetes.② Eating too much and growing too fast, making stretch marks prematurely.③ The weight overweight will bring inconvenience to the actions of pregnant mothers. It is lazy to walk around. After exercise, panting and forming a vicious circle, and lack of exercise during pregnancy is not conducive to smooth delivery.④ The belly is too much to compress the lower limb blood vessels, affect the circulation, increase the edema of the lower limbs, and form varicose veins.⑤ Excess weight during pregnancy will affect postpartum body recovery.Studies have found that if the weight growth during pregnancy does not exceed 16 kg, the postpartum can recover the body smoothly, even if the weight gain is about 2 kg; if the weight gain during pregnancy is more than 16 kg, the possibility of continuing obesity after giving birth should be doubled.

Harm to fetus: ① If the fetus weighs more than 4 kilograms, it will cause difficulties in childbirth, and it will be prone to neonatal injury.② The risk of incidence of diabetes in the fetus in adulthood increases.③ It will increase the growth rate of fat cells of the fetus and increase the probability of obesity in the future.(Chen Shengping)

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