Dialectical theory of pregnancy vomiting


Vomiting in pregnancy refers to nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, sorrowful food, eclipse and vomiting, or vomiting cannot eat.It is generally found in early pregnancy.Those who are minor often disappear after the second and March of pregnancy; the severe cases frequently vomit, or they do not eat or vomit, and can continue to the late pregnancy.Most of the vomiting is food, phlegm saliva or water, acid water, yellow -green bitter water, and even mixed race is like sauce.In severe cases, it can endanger fetal and pregnant women.

This symptom, "The Source of the Source of the Diseases" is called the "evil disease", "Production Room" is called "sub -disease", "Pregnancy resistance" called "Taiping Shenghui Fang", and "Compendium of Materia Medica""Evil resistance", "Kun Yuan is a treasure" is called "disease", commonly known as "sick children"

This symptoms should be different from vomiting caused by jaundice, cold, spring temperature, summer temperature, and wet temperature due to jaundice, cold, spring temperature, summer temperature, and wet temperature.

Common evidence

Stomach deficiency pregnancy vomiting: weakness in the body. In the early stages of pregnancy, vomiting cannot be eaten, or eclipse is vomiting, bloating abdominal bloating, mental burnout, fatigue sleeping, pale tongue, smooth pulse.

Stomach cold pregnancy vomiting: early pregnancy, vomiting does not eat, or vomit water, pain in the middle, like to eat hot drinks, fatigue and chills, cold limbs, blue and white, pale tongue, white and smooth pulse.

Stomach fever and pregnancy vomiting: After conception, nausea and vomiting, upset and thirst, flushed face, cold drink, constipation, red tongue, dried moss, sliding pulse, etc.

Phlegm stagnation and pregnancy vomiting: Two or March of pregnancy, vomiting and sputum or sticky foam, dizziness, nausea, chest full of stuffy chest, not thinking about diet, palpitations, breathlessness, pale tongue, white tongue, slippery pulseEssence

Liver fever and pregnancy vomiting: early pregnancy, vomiting sour or bitter water, eclipse and vomiting, dizziness, bad breath, chest tightness and pain, red tongue, normally or slightly yellow moss, smooth pulse string, number


Stomach deficiency pregnancy vomiting and gastric cold pregnancy vomiting:

The former is qi deficiency, and the latter is yang deficiency.The qi deficiency and yang deficiency of the spleen and stomach can make the spleen’s health loss, there is no right to rise, the clear yang does not rise, and the turbid yin does not fall, which causes vomiting.

Stomach deficiency and pregnancy vomiting, many factors are weak and spleen and weakness. After conception, the blood sea is closed without diarrhea, the veins are strong, and the veins are in Yangming.Stomach cold pregnancy vomiting is due to the poor yang, the spleen and stomach deficiency, the tunnel of the post pregnancy, the internal resistance of the dirt, and the vomiting of the cold drink.Its clinical characteristics: vomiting of stomach deficiency, eclipse, vomiting, frequent vomiting, vomiting of cold stomach, intensifying cold, and often glowing water.It also evidence, vomiting of gastric deficiency, vomiting, more manifestations of spleen and stomach qi deficiency, weak transportation power (full of abdomen, mental burnout, laziness sleep, pale tongue, slippery pulse and weakness);

Stomach cold pregnancy vomiting is more common in yang deficiency and cold (blue, tired and chills, cold limbs and tiredness, hot and cold) and yin and cold internal stagnation (in the middle of pain, like hot drink, late pulse))symptom.Treatment principles: Those who are virtual make up, the cold is hot.Those with stomach deficiency, Yiyi Qi Jianzhong, Zuo Yi registering Qi and falling reverse, using Pinellia Poria soup, Baosheng soup; those with cold stomachs should be warm and cold, lowering the vomiting, and the use of ginseng Ding Xiang San, coldUse dry ginger ginseng Panxia pill.

Vomiting of sputum stagnation: Its people have phlegm drinks stagnation, and the gas machine is hindered. The vomiting is vomiting due to the rushing pulse of the phlegm.The vomit is mostly phlegm and sticky.And often drink evil heart and lungs (heart palpitations), wetness in Zhongzhou (chest full of boring, boring in the mouth, not thinking about diet) and other phlegm drinking symptoms.Treatment of phlegm and dehumidifying, reducing anti -vomiting, and often used Erchen Decoction and Cross Shell.Poor stagnation and pregnancy vomiting, and there is a distinction between heat and cold.Those who are hot, common vomiting bitter water, dizziness and annoying, greasy mouth, red tongue, yellow greasy moss, slippery pulse and other dampness; those who are cold, often pale, vomiting water, plenty of morning rising, mouth mouth, mouthIt is light and tasteless, pale tongue, white and greasy moss, and the pulse is weak.Therefore, those who are hot, treat the heat to clear the heat and reduce the phlegm, reduce the anti -vomiting, and use the reed soup; the cold should be used to warm phlegm drinking, reducing anti -vomiting, and Poria pills.

Stomach fever, vomiting and liver fever, vomiting: all caused by the heat.That is, the "Inner Scriptures" said: "All the courses are all fire." And there are three different things: one, the disease is different.Those with stomach fever, their illness is in the stomach; and those with liver fever, "The stomach does not vomit, and the liver and gallbladder thief vomit." Second, the clinical manifestations are also different.Those with stomach fever must have symptoms such as stomach fire (thirst and cold drink, upset, constipation, red tongue) and stomach fire (red tide red) and other symptoms; those with liver fever will also have liver qi stagnation (chest pain is full of pain in pain., Upset and irritable,) and liver meridians are dizzy, bitter and breath, red tongue).Third, the cause is different.Those with stomach fever are mostly due to the accumulation of heat, or spicy and thick taste, so that the stomach loss and decrease; those with liver fever are mostly hyperthyroidism due to the hyperactivity of the liver yang, the blood polycases after pregnancy, the liver yin is more deficient, the liver yang is healing the more yang, and the liver yang is healing more and more healing.Kang Kang, or liver depression, caused by the stomach of the stomach.Therefore, the treatment, gastric fever pregnancy vomiting, should clear the stomach fire, reduce the anti -vomiting recipe to select Su Ye Huanglian Tangzhu, Pinellia, Ophiopogon;, You can use Zhilian Zhuru Decoction.

Due to frequent vomiting, spitting can not eat, so that the water can not drink, often cause gastric juice to disappear, the stomach is lost, and its inverse is even more.It is often symptoms of gastric yin injuries such as thirst, dry lips dry mouth, dry lips dry mouth, short urine, dry stool, red tongue, peeling of tongue coating, and pulse count.At this time, it should nourish the stomach yin.Fang Mai Men Dong Decoction.

Vomiting is one of the main clinical manifestations of stomach loss and decrease.Vomiting of pregnancy is different from cold and hot.Those who have stomach deficiency cannot accept valleys because qi deficiency, and eat it; those with cold stomach can not rot the valley because of yang deficiency, spit out the valley and water, and increase the cold;, Hi spitting saliva and sticking; liver fever is more vomiting and bitterness.From the vein, the stomach deficiency is more slippery and weak; the cold stomach is often delayed; the sputum stagnation veins are slippery;The syndrome of the syndrome of the syndrome can be identified clearly.

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