Determine whether you are pregnant, in addition to using the pregnancy test stick, you can also do this, and take safety measures at the same time

Many people think of the pregnancy test stick for distinguishing whether pregnancy, but some people will have questions. Is the pregnancy test stick not credible?But I don’t want to check the hospital, maybe many people will be upset for this!

Don’t worry, Kang Aidot invited Liu Haifang, a doctor of clinical medicine at Huashan Hospital, Affiliated to Fudan University/Second Military Medical University, and answered you one -on -one!

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Generally, the best way is to choose morning urine detection. The relative accuracy will be relatively high. Of course, if it is not convenient to detect, you can choose urine for up to 4 hours for detection.

Avoid drinking a lot of drinking water for rapid urination, this will dilute the concentration of their urine and cause any effect to detect any effect.

1.Early pregnancy response: After pregnancy, some early pregnancy reactions occur due to the rise in estrogen levels in the body, such as vomiting, breast pain, and drowsiness.

2.Body temperature rises: If the body temperature rises, it still has menopause, and the menstrual cycle is even later than ever, then this time may also be a manifestation of pregnancy.

In fact, the current pregnancy test stick has been recognized by the masses. The error rate is relatively low. Therefore, if the pregnancy test stick is generally detected by the pregnancy test stick, the result of the pregnancy is not required to go to the hospital for re -testing.Because the fetus has just begun to develop, no instrument can not be tested, and the testing of the hospital is actually the same as using the pregnancy test stick. Therefore, there is no need to perform excess operations.Development.

If there are abortion or family history in the early days, it is generally recommended to go to the hospital for examination after pregnancy to check whether its fertilized eggs are successful or inside the uterus.The hazard rate of these two diseases is relatively high, which can directly lead to the symptoms of infertility. Therefore, people who have bad physical conditions in the former must still be vigilant.

In addition, the expectant mothers after pregnancy should pay attention, in order to ensure that the baby can be born smoothly, there are still the following points to pay attention:

1.Check it once within 4-6 weeks after pregnancy to check whether the fetus is normal and the physical condition of the pregnant woman

2.10-25 weeks of pregnancy and check every 4 weeks. What is the development of the baby?

3.26-36 weeks of pregnancy, check every 2 weeks to observe the baby’s growth status

4.After 36 weeks of pregnancy, it is expected that the birth of the fetus will be prepared accordingly

Want to be a mother, do you remember these problems?The above content will help you judge whether you are pregnant!

Of course, if you find that you are lucky to conceive your baby, remember to take relevant fetal preservation measures!

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Kang Aidot invited Dr. Liu Hai Defense Doctor of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University to answer it in detail for you

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