Determine "Yang" to avoid your mouth, don’t touch these 6 kinds of breakfast!The more you eat, the more uncomfortable, you know less suffering

Introduction: Determine "Yang" to be taboo. Don’t touch these 6 kinds of breakfast. The more you eat, the more uncomfortable.

After the national new crown policy was fully liberalized, almost everyone was recruited.However, everyone’s symptoms are different. Some people can recover quickly in about 3 days, and some people have not recovered in 7 days or even the number of days, which is directly related to each person’s physique.After the personal experience of Xiaobian, most of the symptoms after "Yang" are dizzy, nausea, fever, and general weakness. Even if these symptoms occur, we must eat good breakfast to supplement nutrition in a timely manner, but bigMost people breakfast.Today, I will tell you that it must be avoided by determining "Yang". Don’t touch the following 6 kinds of breakfast. Once you eat it, you will eat more and more uncomfortable. Let’s take a look at which 6 types are!

The first: fried foods such as fritters and fried cakes!

Most people are too lazy to get up early, and they will buy some foods such as fritters or fried cakes outside. These foods are fried with high temperature fried foods. The calories are relatively high, and their fried oil is eaten repeatedly.There are certain food safety problems, and the fried fried is more greasy. For people with poor digestion and poor stomach, eating such foods is very bad, which will cause a certain burden on the stomach.Breakfast must be light!

The second: sweets such as desserts, pastries.

Desserts and pastries are like to eat all girls. They do not make breakfast every day. They eat some sweets to cope with their stomachs. These foods are unhealthy for breakfast.Because they contain too high sugar, especially on an empty stomach, it will cause a burden on the stomach, especially cause constipation.

Third: instant noodles!

Both adults and children like to eat instant noodles, it tastes very fragrant.However, instant noodles contain a lot of additives. It is also fried food without any nutrients. If you eat for a long time, you will also bring some harm to the body. It is recommended that you eat less or even eat it.After we are Yang, everyone must eat more high -nutrition foods to supplement nutrition to the body in a timely manner.

The fourth type: tea egg!

When it comes to tea eggs, many people will definitely have questions, isn’t it that eating an egg every day is very good?Eggs are rich in protein, but there is a gap between the tea eggs and the eggs boiled in white water. In the process of cooking, the alkaloids in the iron element tea are combined. In this case, consumption will cause irritation to the gastrointestinal and stomach, so it is not recommended to eat it.

Fifth type: pickles with white rice porridge!

Most people have breakfast for breakfast, especially for office workers, just eat a few mouthfuls. Most people like to eat pickles with white rice porridge. This way of eating is the least nutritious.White rice porridge is a kind of high -carbon water. The nutrition is not high, and the pickles are made of long -term marinated. It also contains a variety of preservatives. Long -term consumption will cause harm to health.A little nutritional value.

Sixth type: leftovers, overnight dishes!

In order to avoid waste, most people will put the rest of the food remaining every night in the refrigerator and save them, and they will be heated after the next day.These meals in the refrigerator will breed a bacteria. If you eat it, it will cause gastrointestinal discomfort. If it is serious, it will cause gastroenteritis and other problems.Therefore, it is recommended that you master the amount when cooking and eat as much as possible to avoid waste.

If you are sure that "Yang is" should be avoided, don’t touch the above 6 kinds of breakfast.That’s it for today’s sharing. If my sharing is helpful to you, remember to like, collect, and pay attention to it. Today’s sharing is here. Thank you for your reading and support. We will see it tomorrow and bless!

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