Detailed illustration | Best sleeping position at all stages during pregnancy

For expectant mothers, sleeping positions are a bit particular.Bad sleeping positions will affect the position of the uterus, and increase the compression of the pregnancy of the surrounding tissue and organs, affecting the blood flow of the uterus and the placenta.It is crucial to the growth and development of the fetus.So how can expectant mothers sleeping during different pregnancy are the best for the fetus?Look down

️ Early pregnancy (1-3 months): Sleep at will ️

In the early pregnancy, the growth and development of the fetus are relatively slow. The abdomen of the mother will not be obvious, and the external force or self -compression will not be very strong.Therefore, the sleeping posture of pregnant women should be based on comfort.

️In I am in the second trimester (4-7 months): Sleep and sideways ️

As the fetus grows, the uterus has gradually risen, and you can’t sleep on your stomach!However, you can also sleep on your back or sideways, especially the pregnant mother who starts with edema in the middle of pregnancy.symptom.Her husband should also be more considerate of pregnant mothers, which can help expectant mothers massage and alleviate the fatigue of the body

️In the third trimester (8-10 months): It is recommended to sleep on the left side ️

By the third trimester, the growth rate of the baby’s baby was amazing. The abdomen of expectant mothers became larger and larger.Most of the uterus of pregnant mothers tilt to the right. If the pregnant mother sleeps for a long time during this period, it will increase the tilt of the uterus, hinder the flow of blood, cause dizziness in poor blood supply to himself, and even affect the health of the fetus.development.It is recommended to sleep on the left side, which can not only improve the oxygen supply, but also improve the right rotation.

Of course, it is not to say that keeping a sleeping position all night, so it is really too tired.The expectant mothers can change the sleeping position appropriately. If the left side is really uncomfortable, you can sleep appropriately on the left and right sides. Pay attention to avoid pressing your baby as much as possible.

️ Sleeping a little trick

Use a pregnant woman’s pillow

Appropriate exercise

Control the amount of water before bedtime


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