Dasao suddenly became pregnant …#Family

Xiao Meng, how about going back?Sister, I ignore me when I go back, and I feel that they don’t like me anymore.It’s not because you took it away.Sister Ying: Don’t make trouble, go back and live with A Wei.I go back now, and they don’t understand me anymore.If you have so much, they will definitely not let me live. The quarrel is normal. You have to restrain your temper and don’t make trouble anymore.Let me think about it again.

Sister, you take away, I smell the nausea.What’s wrong with you?Are you pregnant?How can it be?I have been pregnant for a long time and have not been pregnant.How long have you not come, it should be postponed for a week.I am not sure. Didn’t you give birth to one before?I have no experience yet, I think you must be pregnant, really?Then I have an excuse to go back.

Sister, I will go back now and tell my mother -in -law to tell my mother -in -law.Mom, I’m back.Dasao, what happened to your complexion suddenly so bad?It’s not a matter with A Wei. I didn’t sleep well. In addition, the skin was even worse.Women still have to pay attention to skin care, otherwise they will be old and fast.

Are you using this skin care product last time?Yes, this is egg shell, hygroscopic powder, and it is a water milk three -in -one water milk essence, which is formed with seven plants.If you have spots on your face, dry skin, peeling, and rough, then you can use it.No wonder you are so good. While you look at this brushed, you can still explode.This is indeed easy to use. Water is also milk and essence. A bottle can be done. It is very suitable for people like me.

Is this used at night?This can be used in the morning and evening.People like us are the most suitable, and it really saves a lot.This should be very expensive. I am not willing to buy it, not expensive, there are activities now, 39.9/3 bottles.Click the little yellow car under my video to buy it.Xiaomeng, you suddenly come back, do you have to make sense to us again?Mom, listen to you, it seems that I don’t welcome me to come back.But from today, I won’t go back to my mother’s house.This is the same, just think about it.

Where can there be overnight revenge between mother and child?When I came back, I apologized to Awei. I didn’t apologize to let him apologize to me without an apology. Don’t let me be wronged with my children.Child, whose child!Mom, Dasao This is a baby, really, so good.I finally become grandma, grandma, will you make mistakes?I’m here, can’t be wrong.Xiaomeng, then you move back, I let Awei help you move your luggage.Okay, it’s so good, it’s still comfortable to live at home.

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