Dalian infected with the new crown pregnant woman and gave birth to a baby boy!The results of the first nucleic acid detection are negative

34 weeks of pregnancy, 2160 grams!Boy!Newborn score 9 points!At 8:40 pm on December 26, 2020, a baby’s first cry broke the silence of the Dalian Center, the Dalian Sixth People’s Hospital, the Sixth People’s Hospital of Dalian.

Liaoning Province’s first case

New Crown Pneumonia is diagnosed with pregnant women

Birth to a cute baby boy

Mother and child peace

On December 21, the Sixth Hospital of Dalian transferred a new crown pneumonia from Dalian Women’s and Children’s Medical Center. More specially, she had been pregnant for more than 33 weeks.Ourologists at the same time in the isolation ward to monitor the situation of pregnant women at all times.

On December 23, pregnant women experienced fever symptoms. Combined with clinical diagnosis, the provincial expert group was reviewed as a confirmed case of new crown pneumonia.

Xu Xiuhua, director of the Medical Department of Dalian Maternal and Children’s Center, said that the characteristic of new crown pneumonia is that it is rapid and severe. Once the symptoms begin to emerge, the condition will progress at any time. At this time, you need to prepare for early termination of pregnancy.

Xu Xiuhua, who has been diagnosed with pregnant women for many days, said that pregnant women are worried that doing CT examination will affect the fetus. In fact, the radiation of a chest tablet is far lower than the teratogenic capacity.The risk of fetal teratogenic caused by more than 12 weeks of pregnancy is lower."During the consultation, we repeatedly communicated with pregnant women to dispel her doubts. At the same time, we started the next treatment plan."

On December 25th, while guarding pregnant women and fetuses closely, the expert group quickly formulated three sets of childbirth plans.

The first solution: If the mother’s physical condition is stable, the body temperature is stable, the lung inflammation is absorbed, the lung function is good, it can continue to maintain the pregnancy. After the pregnancy is full, it will be evaluated.

The second plan: If the condition of the mother has no significant improvement and no sudden deterioration, you can choose to choose a cesarean section after completing the end of the fetal palace to promote lung treatment in the fetus.During the operation, the Department of Respiratory Department and severe professional protection are required to ensure safety.

The third plan: If the mother and child suddenly occur, the surgery is needed immediately to terminate the pregnancy. According to the emergency plan, under the premise of the relevant personnel, equipment, and drugs, under the premiseImmediately implement surgery to terminate pregnancy.

At noon on December 26, the diagnosis of pregnant women had high fever symptoms, with the highest body temperature of 38.7 degrees Celsius. The CT showed that the lung inflammation increased. The double probe fetal heart monitor showed that the fetal heart was accelerated, the condition was unstable, and the internal distress was prone to occur.

Immediately, the expert group decided to prepare pre -surgery and end pregnancy as soon as possible to ensure the safety of mother and baby.At this time, the emotions of the diagnosis of pregnant women fluctuated, and Xu Xiuhua comforted her: "I can understand you, you may be more worried about your baby’s health than your condition. Don’t be afraid! There are so many people to escort you, you can escort, youThe new crown pneumonia’s condition is monitored by experts from the national and provincial and municipal respiratory departments at any time. The baby’s health has us! We are on standby at any time! "

At 7 pm on December 26, the diagnosis of pregnant women was sent to the operating room. Xu Xiuhua led a family of two obstetricians, one anesthesiologist, two operating room nurses, a newborn doctor, and six obstetric nurses. ""Elite team" has been waiting in the operating room.

"This is the first time that in the negative pressure ward for the confirmed case surgery, so you must choose an experienced doctor to deal with any emergencies to ensure the safety of maternal and infants." Xu Xiuhua said.

Although doctors wear three -level protective clothing and head cover respirators, they have not affected their surgical operations, and they do more stable and finely.After 30 minutes, the baby was born smoothly, looked rosy and responded well.

After seeing the mother and son safe, Xu Xiuhua was very relieved: "We are very happy, one is to be happy for her, and the other is that we feel that our efforts are worth it!"

After a series of inspections on the newborn, the child was stable in all aspects, and was subsequently transferred to the negative pressure ward of the Maternal and Children’s Center in Dalian.The child’s first nucleic acid test report is negative.

At present, the four "temporary mothers" guard the baby for 24 hours, and soon he can eat milk, and various indicators will continue to be monitored.

On the front line of "epidemic"

We feel the movement of new life

Don’t be afraid of baby

Although you come to the world as soon as you come

After experiencing huge challenges and tests

Haven’t got my mother yet

Kiss and hug

But your birth is to your mother

And more people who guard you

It’s a great encouragement

Rest assured baby

Under the guardian of these "temporary parents"

You and mom

It will definitely reunite soon!

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