Cupping can remove wind and cold, but for these 9 people, cupping is not a good thing!

Many people are not too strange for cupping, cupping is a way of health care.Many people with backache and back pain will alleviate this symptom by cupping. Cupping mainly uses jars as tools, and then put on fire into the jar.Through the method of flame, it can then put a certain pressure on the back.The jar will be adsorbed on the surface of the human skin, and then the skin of the skin will cause blood stasis.

Proper cupping does play a certain role in health, because cupping can play a role in swelling and pain, and can also remove wind and cold.Therefore, many people think that cupping can treat some minor illness and small diseases.And if the amount of cupping is appropriate, you can also adjust your complexion, so that you can achieve the role of Johnson & Johnson.

Cupping still has certain benefits for the body, but the cupping time should not be too long.Generally, it is okay to control it for about 10 minutes, and it cannot exceed this time.If you see your local skin during cupping, cupping can be stopped when you are purple -red.After cupping, the purple -red color and congestion on the body will disappear after a few days without leaving any traces, so don’t worry too much.

But not everyone is suitable for cupping, and some people are not suitable for cupping.

1. Some patients with epilepsy have some spasm and convulsions that can not go to cupping;

2. There are also some people with frequent bleeding that can not go to cupping;

3. There are also some joint sprains and fractures. Patients cannot go to cupping before the disease is cured, because it may affect the healing of fractures;

4. There are also some patients with emphysema and people with deficiency of physique.

5. People with severe skin allergies and skin injury are not suitable for cupping, because the phenomenon of allergies may be very serious.

6. It is best not to go to cupping after eating, because it is prone to symptoms of dizziness and nausea;

7. There are also some pregnant women and girls in the physiological period.

8. Girls with a menstrual cycle may still lead to dysmenorrhea;

Feel more painful and sad.

So the above people are not suitable for people who go to cupping, do not go to cupping.

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