Crazy English Liyang Guanxuan to remarry and have children!Squatting the ground for Xiaojiao’s wife to wash her feet intimately, the wife is young and beautiful

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On March 7, Crazy English founder Li Yang posted a video on his personal short video platform, announcing the good news of his second wedding wife, which aroused discussion among many netizens.

From the introduction of Li Yang, it can be seen that his son was born from March 8, 2023. He also personally named his son "Li Anya". He hoped that his son would learn traditional culture and English from an early age and strive to become a sage.

He also showed the appearance of his son Li Dianwan. The baby was wrapped in tightly by his clothes and quilts, and only revealed his tender face.Words.

As soon as the picture turned, Li Yang also showed his shot of washing his feet for his wife. He squatted on a small stool and personally rubbed his feet and insteps for his wife. Due to pregnancy, his wife’s face and feet were swollen.It’s right.

For Li Yang’s behavior, his wife was very happy, with a smile on his face, and we could see that although her pregnancy caused her face to be swollen, her facial features were exquisite, tall nose, sharp chin with pointed chinThe skin is firm and the face value is high.

Li Yang attached great importance to the production of the second wife and made a detailed record. Even claiming that only the dedicated dedication can be a better husband, a better father, or a better person, and a special person, and it is particularly special.Supporting men to change diapers in the middle of the night can they show their father’s love. Only in this way can men evolve better.

After a series of texts, it is enough to see Li Yang’s intentions, but it also makes many netizens doubtful, guessing that he intentionally does it, trying to create a good father and husband through this matter.

Some netizens teased: This woman is too powerful, she is not afraid of fighting, and it is scary to think about it.

We all know that as the founder of crazy English, Li Yang has great achievements in the English field, which also allows him to have a lot of reputation internationally. Therefore, he met the first wife Kim.There are three daughters.

However, in 2011, the foreign wife Kim exposed the news of Li Yang’s domestic violence on the Internet, and also attached a picture of his own domestic violence. This incident immediately caused a stir.How long is the two agreed to divorce.

Although the divorce has been divorced, the violence of Li Yang has already been known to all passers -by, so netizens are not impressed by Li Yang. After all, the domestic violence men are terrible.

Some netizens have speculated that the reason for Li Yang’s domestic violence may be that foreign wives have not given birth to sons. After all, Li Yang, born in rural areas, pays more attention to passing the seizure.Domestic violence is only zero and countless times.

Li Yang founded the learning method of crazy English, which made many people get rid of the dilemma of learning and fear of English. It also helped many students to go abroad, facing international, and realized their dreams.

But the meritoriousness is the fact that the success is over, and the success of his career can not cover the fact that he has been reflected and changes to the new, instead of doing some superficial work.


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