Copy for official announcement of pregnancy

01. Looking forward to our 1+1 = 3.

02. Pregnant courier declarations ~.

03. Thank you for visiting, my little monster.

04. There are still nine months to reach the battlefield.

05 and three months of housing rented themselves for seven months.

06. Every time you beating, I am overjoyed.

07. Finally, you can eat two people’s meals alone.

08. There is a small seed in my body.

09. The family ranking of our family is updated.

10. Lu Yao’s anxious world, just come on time.

11. Unlock new characters in life, yes, I want to be a mother.

12. Finally, you can justify the self -proclaimed lady/Lao Tzu.

13. You swell my body, but it is delicate to my soul.

14. It’s a bit busy recently. You are busy growing up, and I am busy with gaining weight.

15. Take a bus and finally keep it at ease.

16. My armor and weakness, welcome your arrival and companionship.

17. Blind box has been arranged, looking forward to the box opening ceremony one month later.

18. Meeting one person, one day in X -month in 2023.

19. One body, two heartbeats, but not met, but love you deeply.

20. In October, there is bitterness and sweetness, everything is worth looking forward to your arrival.

21. The world outside is very large, my world is small, and only you in my heart.

22. I’m glad you choose me as your mother, rest assured, I will take good care of you.

23. Dazzling belly, this form of a few times in a lifetime, although hard, is worth it.

24. There is always a little angel from you and let you understand the meaning of life.

25. You kick me every day, I will tell the world now that I have you.

26. This time, the stomach is not just spicy, grilled, milk tea, and a TA.

27. With you, I am inexplicably brave because I have one more person who needs to be protected.

28. Like me still like him, Xichun is still love Xia, looking for your answer from a slight fetal movement.

29. Every time the fetal movement reminds me, there is a small you who live in a big belly, cherish the days of combining with you, and look forward to meeting you.

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