Coping of skin itching during pregnancy

During pregnancy, skin pruritus mostly occurs in the middle or after the second trimester or after the third trimester. Many expectant mothers think that itching is only an ordinary skin disease. As long as it is not serious, it is irrelevant.

Many pregnant mothers will be plagued by itching of the skin during pregnancy, and there are various reasons, which mainly include the following incentives

1. Stretch marks

Most of this itching occurs locally. As the baby grows up day by day, most of the skin on the abdominal wall of the pregnant mother will appear purple or light red stretch marks, accompanied by itching symptoms

Countermeasure: Do not grab it hard. You should gently massage your skin or scrub it with warm water, or disperse your attention. The degree of itching will be reduced

2. Allergic reaction

Such as taking certain drugs or contacting allergic substances, or climate change, etc., this itching mostly occurs on the exposed skin, or the rash appears locally

Countermeasure: Find allergies, use anti -allergic drugs under the guidance of a doctor

3. Bad hygiene habits

For example, if wearing non -breathable chemical fiber underwear, it is very easy to induce vulvar itching during pregnancy

Countermeasure: Pay attention to hygiene, choose pure cotton texture underwear, and change the underwear daily

When expectant mothers have skin itching, if there is the following situations at the same time, it may be pruritus for pregnancy.

1. Pregnancy itching, also known as intrapatic stasis during pregnancy, is more common in pregnant women’s pregnancy for five or six months or seven or eight months. Itching is unbearable when the onset of onset, and the heart and feet have itching. The abdomen and lower limbs are particularly serious.It even affects sleep and is accompanied by mild diarrhea, but there is no abnormality in doing skin examination. Except for itching, it can be found on a few pregnant women.

2. In the absence of treatment, itching of pregnancy is usually continued until childbirth.So when itching does not disappear for 3 days, you must go to the hospital for examination

3. There is no skin damage in the itching. When suffering from skin diseases, small rashes will usually appear, but itching during pregnancy does not have this symptom.

4. The cornea has a slight yellow dye, or the urine is a bit yellow. Itching during pregnancy causes minor damage to the liver function and produces jaundice. However, the degree of jaundice is very light, so it is not easy to detect

Preventing life health care methods of skin itching during pregnancy

1. Because the drugs cannot be abused during pregnancy, when itching is severe, cold compresses can be used to use cold compresses or transfer attention to other places to temporarily forget itching

2. It is not advisable to apply soap or cosmetics with fragrance on the skin, otherwise it will cause allergic reactions and make itching or eczema more serious

3. It is not advisable to wear nylon or fibrous underwear, it is recommended to wear cotton underwear

4. When the wound is serious or there is no signs of retreat after eczema, it should be treated under the guidance of a dermatologist

5. The most important thing is that the mothers are the most easier to understand whether the fetal movement of her baby is more likely than the doctor. Therefore, pregnant mothers need to learn the correct fetal movement.When itching appears, even if you have not been diagnosed with itching during pregnancy, you will start to move several fetal movements. Several times a day, middle, and evening.

Dietary health care methods to prevent skin itching symptoms during pregnancy

1. 30 grams of winter melon skin and barley kernels, 15 grams of grass in front of the car; put the winter melon skin, coix seed, and front of the car in the pot, add the right amount of water to cook the porridge;Course of treatment

2. 5 lotus flowers, 100 grams of glutinous rice, 20 grams of rock sugar; rinse with water with water, put glutinous rice into the casserole, add water to the appropriate amount of water, porridge put rock sugar and lotus when cooked, just cook a little; early every day; morning dailyWay twice a little for 5 to 7 days in a row

3. 50g of mung beans, cook the mung beans into soup, cook until the mung bean shell is slightly cracked to turn off, without any sugar, just drink soup.Because the mung bean is cold, drinking some in the later pregnancy, in addition to reducing fire, it can also slow down skin allergies

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