Congratulations!Wicker Fame Fan Suyuan 26th birthday official announcement, Pregnancy, Welcome to Tiger Baby

Remember the beautiful little guy who came out of the Beijing Winter Olympics in the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022?That’s right, she is the Jilin curling athlete Fan Suyuan at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

On August 1st, Chinese curling athlete Fan Suyuan ushered in the 26th birthday. Fan Suyuan also announced his pregnancy that day, and he showed his photos of his belly and curling on social media."Tiger Baby Pot Baby".For the fans who like this "curling goddess", it is a double joy, and netizens have also sent blessings to Fan Suyuan on social media.

There are countless circles of Fan Suyuan at the Beijing Winter Olympics

The Chinese curling team Fan Suyuan (left) and Ling Zhi were in the game.Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Sangwai

As one of the first projects of the Winter Olympics, the curling is the first to be the audience.At that time, on behalf of the Chinese delegation, Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi were played in the mixed doubles competition.

Fan Suyuan is our player of Jilin. The "domineering" of the "post -90s" beauty, the "Northeast dialect" on the ice rink, and the ball head shape.Essence

On the ice rink, Fan Suyuan’s communication with his partner Ling Zhi caused heated discussion among netizens.Both are from the Northeast. Fan Suyuan is a Jilin, and Ling Zhi is from Heilongjiang.During the game, Fan Suyuan’s confident communication and cheering sound could be heard very clearly during the broadcast.

At that time, many netizens once commented that "Emma is too kind", "The Northeast dialect is real, and does not turn corner corners."

The "first dog food" of the Beijing Winter Olympics is sprinkled by Xiao Fan’s husband

At the Beijing Winter Olympics, Fan Suyuan removed the "attractive attention" in the stadium. The interaction between her and her husband Chen Ziang also envied many netizens.It was before the Swiss player in the first battle between Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi, Fan Suyuan’s husband Chen Zimang released a small heart warm video to show love through a social network.

Chen Ziang said that in order to prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the couple hadn’t met for more than 200 days. I hope Fan Suyuan will settle down and work hard. After the Winter Olympics, he must make a grand wedding for his wife.

Husband’s love shows that netizens applauded. Everyone teased that this was "the first dog food of the Winter Olympics" and blessed Fan Suyuan to achieve good results. After the Winter Olympics, please eat wedding sugar.

Later, Chen Ziang also accepted an exclusive interview with in China. In the interview, Chen Ziang revealed that he and Fan Suyuan met the national team in 2016."Fan Su Yuan first met in 2016. At that time, we were all in the national team. Fan Suyuan was a member of a second team. We met at that time." Chen Ziang said when he recalled with Fan Suyuan.

"At that time, I felt that Fan Suyuan was a little girl who loved laughter. It was very cute. We usually talked a lot, and slowly became familiar. What we really determined was that we went to Japan to play in Japan that year.The two of us take care of each other, and the feelings will naturally heat up. "

Regarding the topic of who they are chasing, Chen Ziang said that the two belong to freestyle and like each other.

After the Beijing Winter Olympics, the two finally have love crystals

After the Beijing Winter Olympics, Fan Suyuan finally had a rare holiday.Around May 1st this year, a reporter from in China had a contact with Fan Suyuan. At that time, Fan Suyuan was in the home of Harbin.At that time, Fan Suyuan told reporters that after the Winter Olympics, he returned to his parents’ house with her husband, and then returned to Harbin together. Before returning to the team, he planned to use a rare holiday to "take a good rest".

On August 1st, Fan Suyuan’s 26th birthday, the Olympic Committee official also sent birthday wishes.Similarly, on his birthday, Fan Suyuan himself announced his pregnancy.

China Ji Ke APP reporter Yu Yang pictures for screenshots of the network or provided by the respondent

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