Congratulations!The 38 -year -old actress Xuan Xuan finally became pregnant and finally became pregnant. The belly was full of bruises and distressed

On April 24th, according to Taiwan media reports, the actress Xuan Xuan was happy to announce her successful pregnancy. As soon as the news came out, fans commented on congratulations.

Xuan Xuan, 38, has made her debut for many years. She has filmed many film and television dramas.Although there has been no red and purple purple, the workload is constantly, and it is okay to develop.

She has a smooth career and her emotional life is smooth.Occasionally, she met a doctor named Lin.Although the other party was 12 years older than her, the two had unexpectedly talked, and they determined each other shortly after the relationship.

In 2019, Xuan Xuan and Dr. Lin officially registered for marriage.After the marriage, her husband took care of her and registered the luxury cars and luxury homes generously in her name, allowing her to feel the unprecedented sense of security.

Both of the couples like children very much. For three years, they have been working hard to prepare for pregnant babies.After a detailed examination, the doctor judged that Xuan Xuan was a one -angle uterus, which means that only the fallopian tubes and ovarian functions were left on one side.Not only is pregnancy more difficult than others, but also 34 percent of abortion after pregnancy.

Even so, she still does not give up giving birth to children, frequently entered and exited the hospital, and even pregnant with artificial ways.

How hard this process is, I believe everyone who has experienced it knows.Xuan Xuan revealed that others can play once every two or three days, but she has a special situation and has to get an injection every day.Under normal circumstances, she dare not do it by herself, and she will find her husband to work.

Once she was filming out, her husband couldn’t help but could only play herself.However, she was afraid that she did not dare to start, and she was here for a long time to care about it. Fortunately, a child of a child star took the initiative to help.

In order to give birth to a baby, Xuan Xuan took 200 stitches on his body. The belly was full of bruises, which was very distressed.She has not forgotten to do good deeds, help other children, and hope that her kindness can bring good luck.

Huang Tian lived up to her career. She finally pregnant with her baby, and it has been five months, and she has entered a stable period.She was so excited that she was very grateful to the God of Lucky for seeing herself.

Xuan Xuan also mentioned that she is currently 4 pounds, and her body will be uncomfortable in the first three months. Her husband is very intimate. In addition to speaking and comforting her, she also helps her massage and boil bird’s nest.She took care of her in her husband, and her condition was better every day.

She is looking forward to the baby’s birth, growing up healthy and safe, and growing into an excellent person to give back to the society in the future.In the end, she did not forget to thank all friends for their blessings, and also hoped to show good luck to everyone.

Speaking of which, there are really many actresses in the entertainment industry who have been tortured in order to give birth to a baby, but not everyone can pay as expected, such as Wang Xinping, Zhao Xiaoqiao and others repeatedly failed.However, they have never regretted it because they know that they will never know that they can never do it.

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