Congratulations!The 37 -year -old popular goddess was exposed to secret pregnancy for more than 3 months, and has been married outside the circle for two years

On December 10, according to Hong Kong media reports, Jessica, a member of the Hong Kong popular women’s group "Super Girls", was exposed to secret pregnancy and was about to become the first mother in the group.

It is reported that Cai Mingsi has been pregnant for more than 3 months, and the due date is about the late spring and early summer of 2022.

It has not been officially announced before it may be related to traditional customs.Generally speaking, for the babies in the stomach to be born safely, parents will choose to make it public after three months of pregnancy.

According to Cai Mingsi’s agent, the children in Cai Mingsi have been 3 months now. When Cai Mingsi participated in the event on December 13, 2021, he would officially announce the good news to everyone.

In fact, even if Cai Mingsi was pregnant, he still couldn’t stop.

Earlier, Cai Mingsi watched Mirror’s concert with her husband.At that time, the audience at the scene could not work, and they got up and danced. Fortunately, although Cai Mingsi couldn’t rest, he was very self -knowledge of a pregnant woman. He sat on the chair obediently throughout the process without anymore with others.

At the end of October 2021, Cai Mingsi attended the wedding banquet of Chen Shixin, a girlfriend, but at that time, she wore a loose suit to block her belly. In addition, her figure was always very slim, and her pregnant belly was not obvious, so she had not been there, so she did not have never been.People found that she was pregnant.

37 -year -old Cai Mingsi formed a five -person women’s group "Super Girls" with Zhao Huishan, Chen Yingxin, Li Jingyi, and Wu Jiaxi in 2010. Because of his outstanding appearance and singing and dancing, he quickly became popular shortly after his debut.

Since then, Cai Mingsi has also participated in many film and television works, including "There is a close in the same family", "Breaking 100 Times", "Speed Save 3", etc., which have a lot of popularity.

With a strong sense of career, she continued to work hard. In 2017, she founded her own sunglasses brand. It can be said that whether it is the main business of the star or the investment sideline, both have developed well.

In addition to his career, Cai Mingsi also has an enviable emotional life.

It is understood that Cai Mingsi’s husband Chen Guanting is a Taiwanese. In the early days of the two, the two often could not be seen because of the separation of the two places.Later, in order to be able to be with Cai Mingsi, Chen Guanting gave up his original work. He flew to Hong Kong while engaged in the financial industry and accompanied Cai Mingsi, which moved Cai Mingsi very much.

In 2019, the two people who have been in love for 6 years have been officially registered for marriage under the witness of relatives and friends, and they have opened a happy marriage life.

As for the next generation, the couple always adhere to their natural attitude.Now that they have been successful for 2 years, they have finally made people successful, making people unable to be happy for them.

I hope that the baby in Cai Mingsi’s belly will be born smoothly and healthy, and also wishes their family in the future.

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