Compared to ovulation days, this day will be easier to get pregnant. Don’t miss it

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Fifi has been married to her husband for several years. After the two people have worked hard, they also have some savings.In recent days, the young couple intend to have a baby to add a new member to the family.Therefore, Feifei wrote to help her mother, and she asked her to help her mother, when the surrogacy rate would be higher.

If you want to increase the surrogacy rate, you should first find your own ovulation period and ovulation day. In this way, sperm and eggs can be more successful to form fertilized eggs, which is conducive to women’s conception.However, there are also some pregnant women’s reactions. Although they can accurately find the ovulation day every time, they still have not been able to conceive their children.What is going on?In fact, compared to ovulation days, there is a day, it will be easier to get pregnant!What day?Help Mom first sell a pass, let’s explain the ovulation day first.

What is ovulation day?

On the ovulation day, as the name suggests, the day when the eggs are excreted, the ovulation day is on the 6th day of the ovulation period.In general, if women’s menstrual rules are said to be, before the next menstruation, the first day is your ovulation day.The ovulation period is 5 days before ovulation days, plus 4 days in the future, about 10 days.Therefore, ovulation day is more likely to conceive than ovulation.

Knowing what is going on with ovulation day, help mom now say, which day is it easier to get pregnant than ovulation days?

I believe that every woman who wants to get pregnant will strictly detect their ovulation day and ovulation every month.Therefore, if you want to improve your conception, the day of ovulation will become the choice of many women.However, if you choose the day of the ovulation day, you will still not be pregnant with your baby, then your female friends may wish to try this day and the day before the ovulation day.This day is the most easily conceived day for a woman.

After the help mother told everyone, everyone will definitely have some questions?Why is the day before the ovulation day is the most prone to conceive?What are the basis?Don’t panic first, help moms, let everyone take a closer look.

Why is it easier to conceive the day before the ovulation day?In fact, this has a lot to do with the time of sperm and eggs, sperm reaching the fallopian tube.Because sperm enters women’s body, it takes a certain time to reach the fallopian tube.Generally speaking, it takes at least 45 minutes to run into the fallopian tube completely.Those sperm with weak vitality take at least 3 days.

At the same time, sperm can survive for about 2-3 days after entering the female body.The eggs excreted by women will survive for 1-2 days.If the same room is carried out on the day of ovulation, the sperm is not strong enough, and the running is very slow. Then, the eggs can’t wait, and will die in advance.Therefore, on the day before the ovulation day, the same room will give sperm more time to enter the fallopian tube, and have greater opportunities to meet eggs. In this way, naturally, the surrogacy rate will be higher.

Therefore, women who want to get pregnant, if they can accurately detect their ovulation day, it is best to have the same room the day before ovulation day, so that the chance of conception will be higher.Generally speaking, the surrogacy rate of women, from high to low days, in order, the day before the ovulation day, ovulation day and the day after ovulation day.Female friends, do you remember?

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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