Common problems and nursing methods of pregnant women

Women love beauty, so what skin care products and eye masks have attracted much attention from women, and female friends are the most concerned about their skin, but many women do not know how to care for the skin after pregnancy, so accurate accuratenessHow do mothers take care of their skin? Let ’s take a look at the skin care cheats of expectant mothers now.

Diagnosis of several major skin problems during pregnancy

1. Skin greasy:

Pregnant women’s metabolism is slow, subcutaneous fat increases significantly, increased sweat glands and sebaceous glands, increased blood circulation in the whole body, and the strong secretion of facial oil will increase, the skin becomes particularly greasy, and the "T" area is even worse.

Expert suggestions:

1. It is mainly to keep the skin clean. You cannot use too strong washing agents. It is best to use the usual washing agent to wash your face a few times a day.

2. Diet should take more foods containing high -quality animal proteins and foods such as vitamins A, B, B2, C, etc.; strong dishes and fruits can make your skin color more beautiful.

3. Balanced intake of nutrition, balanced foods can make pregnant women’s hair and skin and organs in the body very well protected.

Second, dry skin

Some pregnant women, due to the relationship between progesterone, the skin loses the previous softness, and it is slightly rough and even dry. Some areas will appear peeling, and the pigmentation of the face also increases.

Expert suggestions:

1. Pregnant women with dry skin should not wash their faces frequently, because soap -alkali will wash natural oils on the skin. It is best to use baby soap and glycerin soap to wash their faces.

2. You need to use skin care products that can add moisture to the skin. Apply it in a dry area and massage gently. Some baby skin moisturizes or moisturizes quality is pure and gentle. Its special moisturizing formula can effectively prevent skin dryness.It can maintain a acidity and alkali balance, which is more suitable for use at this time.

3. You should not be soaked for too long during bathing, otherwise it is easy to cause dehydration of the skin. You can add some bath oil to the water and use ordinary soap as little as possible. You can use a neutral shower gel or baby soap that does not contain soap, pH.

4. After bathing, apply moisturizing oil throughout the body.

Beans, etc. In your daily diet, reduce the intake of stimulants such as coffee, wine, and tea, and drink plenty of water.

Third, appear on the face

Due to the slow melanin metabolism of pregnant women, most of the faces have grueling, and it is not easy to recover after pregnancy.In the middle and late pregnancy, the skin of pregnant women becomes sensitive, weakened the resistance to ultraviolet rays, the skin is easily sunny, melasma appears in the face, and spider spots appear on their foreheads and cheeks.

Expert suggestions:

Although these symptoms will be alleviated to varying degrees of postpartum, during pregnancy, some necessary protection measures are still taken. After all, women do not want to see their face out of color, even pregnant women.

1. The best way to deal with melasma and spider spots is to cover up with stretch marks cream. Do not try to bleach. It will destroy the molecular structure of the skin and form permanent damage.

2. The scars of most pregnant women will naturally reduce or disappear within three months after giving birth. If it cannot be faded, please ask medical experts to slowly condition.

3. Because pregnancy is a period when it is more likely to occur in skin inflammation, even if it is a product that has been reliable before, it must be used carefully.

4. Try to avoid stimulation and not to turn on makeup. You must apply sunscreen or a parasol or hat when @@@@@@@@@ 4.

Fourth, pigmentation increase

In addition to the face, the body’s skin during pregnancy will also be greatly affected, especially those areas that have pigmentation, such as areola, moles, and freckles.A black line appears.These problems are largely plagued by pregnant women, because they are worried that they cannot be cured after childbirth because they are too old.

Expert suggestions:

1. The black line is the result of relaxation of the abdominal muscles to accommodate the expansion of the uterus, and it will naturally subspeges after production. Don’t worry too much;To disappear, it will not vary depending on age.

2. The sun will deepen the color of the original part of the pigment. It is directly exposed to the ultraviolet rays and can easily develop skin cancer. It is best to avoid sunlight. It is best to protect the original skin with pigment under the hot sun.

Fifth, pregnant women butterfly spots

The butterfly spots of pregnant women are caused by the increase in the secretion of progesterone and estrogen in the body during pregnancy, promoting local pigmentation, or caused by melanocyte stimulatoryly secreted by the anterior pituitary gland.Generally, it can be subsided naturally in about half a year after childbirth.However, there are also a few pregnant women’s butterfly spots that do not fade after childbirth, affecting their faces.The main reasons are: long -term sunlight, improper diet, poor mental state, and genetic factors during pregnancy.

Expert suggestions:

The way to prevent is that the entire pregnancy should prevent directly illuminating the face in the sun for too long. Do not eat stimulating foods such as spicy spicy, and animal fat should be eaten less; at least three times in the morning, middle, and evening, use high -quality natural skin cleansing skin.Product, use less makeup; keep a relaxed, happy, and calm mood, sufficient sleep, regular life, participate in cultural and sports activities appropriately, and do these aspects well, you can get obvious results.

How to care for the skin of pregnant women

1. Skin care products that can be used

Skin care products selected during pregnancy must not contain hormones and chemical components that are harmful to the fetus.So it is best to select products with gentle pure plants.There are also cold plants in Chinese medicine that are not suitable for pregnant women, so pay attention when choosing.In addition, it is better to contain vitamin E for pregnant women.During the early pregnancy, the fetus was the most unstable within three months.During this period, pay attention to the use of skin care products and cosmetics.

It doesn’t matter if you like a beautiful mother -in -law to make a light makeup occasionally.However, you should choose to use cosmetics or skin care products with moisturizing ingredients. Remember to remove makeup in time to make the skin breathe well.

Skin is particularly greasy: H2O balance lotion, SKI oil control conditioning condensate.These two skin care products are oil -free formulas, which can gently regulate the imbalance of oil and fats that pregnant women appear due to the disorders of the skin, while moisturizing.

Prevention of stretch marks: CLARINS care oil, Vichy massage cream, biotherm local conditioning cream.They can be used during pregnancy and postpartum, which can effectively slow down skin relaxation and prevent or smooth stretch marks.

2. Apply mask

Applying the mask is a good thing that can make you very comfortable. The uncomfortable pregnancy makes the prospective mom uncomfortable. At this time, making a proper massage in a beauty salon can relax yourself slowly, on the other hand, you can relieve pregnancy.Donestion.

Third, massage exercise

Massage on the forehead: The middle finger and ring finger of the left and right hands are placed on the forehead, and the heart is made from the left and right sides from the forehead. A total of 6 laps are massaged. When you go to the temples on both sides, you press it gently.

Massage at the corner of the eyes: Avoid the crow’s feet from the corner of the eyes. Use your fingers to massage 6 small circles along the lower eyes on both sides, then bypasses the upper orbes, and return to the end of the eye gently.

Massage around the eyes: Use your fingers to massage around the eyes around your eyes, gently press gently in the temple after 6 laps.

Massage on the nose: Use your fingers to slide down from the forehead and the bridge of the nose from the temple, massage on both sides of the nose, massage a total of 8 small circles, and massage from top to out.

Massage on lips: Put your hands on your lips and make 8 small lap massage.

Fourth, sun protection

Sun protection is also very important for mothers, especially after 4 months of pregnancy, sunscreen products can be used appropriately, such as UV -protective nail top oil and refreshing sunscreen.

Five, hair removal

During women’s pregnancy, the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body is much higher than usual, and endocrine will change significantly. Some people may be obvious than usual after pregnancy.But at this time, hair removal should not be used, because hair removal agents are chemical products, which will affect fetal health.The effect of the electric needle hair removal is not ideal. The current stimulation will also cause the fetus to be harmed. It is not recommended to use the electro -needle hair removal.If necessary, you can only use a special hair removal knife to remove the hair.

Skin care taboo during pregnancy

Women who are pregnant must be alert to the harmful chemical components contained in certain cosmetics.

1. Skin care products disabled for pregnant women:

(1) Hair dye

According to a survey of foreign medical scientists, hair dye can not only cause skin cancer, but also cause fetal malformation.Therefore, pregnant women should not use hair dye.

(2) Cold and hot essence

According to French medical experts for many years, after women are pregnant, they not only have very fragile hair, but also easily fall off.If you use chemical cold perm, it will increase your hair off.In addition, chemical cold and hot essence will also affect the normal of women in women’s body

For development, a small number of women also cause allergies to this.Therefore, it is not advisable to use chemicals with chemicals.

(3) Lipstick

Lipstick is composed of various oils, wax, pigments and spices.Among them, oil and fat usually uses wool lipids. Wool fat will adsorb various harmful heavy metal trace elements that are harmful to the human body in the air.

Material is easily adsorbed on the lips, and as saliva is immersed in the body, which causes the fetus in the pregnant woman’s abdomen.In view of this, it is best not to apply redness.

(4), detergent

Some substances containing sprite sulfuric acid (existing in detergents), inhaling the human body through the skin, reaching a certain concentration, causing the death of fertilized eggs and suspending pregnancy.

(5) Nail polish

Do not use nail polish during pregnancy, because chemicals on nail polish have a certain toxic effect on the human body.Pregnant women like to eat snacks, toxic chemicals in nail polish can easily enter the pregnant woman with food, and can enter through the placenta and blood

In the fetus, it has accumulated over time, affecting the health of the fetus.

(6), certain chemical ingredients

During pregnancy, cosmetics contain vitamin K, vitamin A acid and other vitamin A derivatives.

2. Be cautious for aromatherapy during pregnancy

As far as pregnancy is concerned, it is impossible to make aromatherapy in the first three months, and after 3 months, it is also particular about choosing aromatherapy essential oils. For example, lemon and citrus cannot be used before 12 weeks of pregnancy, but roses and jasmine cannotUse before 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Third, sauna and current cannot be touched

Because the current will flow throughout the body, it may cause harm to the fetus; because the high temperature exceeding 53 ° C will increase the chance of pregnant women’s pregnancy (up to 3 months).

Fourth, pregnant women should not try new skin care products easily

Continue to use general moisturizing skin care products that are often used or used for a period of time. Do not replace new brands and varieties to avoid adverse reactions in the body.

5. Pregnant women do not use special effects skin care products

Stop using special effects cosmetics, that is to say, cosmetics with special effects such as whitening, freckle, and acne removal should not be used because these cosmetics often contain special chemical components and may stimulate the skin.

Pregnant women’s skin care tricks during pregnancy

1. Nutrition chapter

Beautiful skin requires a reasonable nutritional foundation, so the first step of beauty must start with diet.Remember, equilibrium is the main point of a reasonable diet.

(1) Eat more vegetables, fruits

Eating more vegetables and fruits is absolutely necessary although it is old -fashioned.Figs and vegetables are rich in vitamins. Vitamin A can prevent dryness and rough skin. Vitamin B has the effect of delaying aging. Vitamin C can enhance the elasticity and gloss of the skin. In short, vitamin is the best nutrition of the skin.

(2) Meat skin, yogurt

The commonly seen meat skin and yogurt are also babies that protect the skin.Yogurt contains acidic substances, helps to soften the sticky substances of the skin, can remove dead cells, and meat skin has the effect of reducing wrinkles, smooth and delicate skin; people who do not like to eat meat can make the skin of the meat.It is a very good cold dish.

(3), high -protein food

Foods rich in protein are a must -have for expectant mothers.Protein not only provides the necessary nutrients for babies to grow, but also has a good maintenance effect on the mother’s skin. It must ensure sufficient protein supply every day.

Fish, shrimp, animal liver, mushrooms and fungus are also necessary foods for maintenance of the skin.They are rich in nucleic acids. Nucleic acids have the effect of delaying aging and aging.

Second, nursing articles

(1) Bathing -you can take a bath once the next day. It is about 15 minutes. Do not have too high water temperature. It is about 35 ° C in summer.When immersion, the skin will be slightly reddish. At this time, you can apply the mask.

(2) Exfoliating -do exfoliating work once a month. Usually you can use deep cleaning cream every 3 days to keep your skin pores unobstructed.

(3) Moisturizing -hydrating to the skin is also a must -have homework for expectant mothers, so when choosing cosmetics, it is more suitable for hydration; in order to increase the moisture of the skin, you can apply skin care products to the whole body after bathing.Do not use the temperature of the water too high; frequent face washing or using cleaning products will be a kind of damage to the skin, and it will only increase the dryness of the skin.

(4) Sunshine -there is no need to rush to deal with chloasma and butterfly spots that appear on the face.Sun protection is the most needed measures for expectant mothers to prepare a bottle of sunscreen at any time.

(5) Rest full -do not stay up late, the regular work and rest habits, ensure sufficient sleep, at night to two o’clock in the morning is the stage of self -repair of the human body. We must ensure that this time sleeps.

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