College students are pregnant, really because there are too many scum men?Listen to what the senior sisters say

After going to college, parents will no longer interfere with students too much, giving students sufficient time and space.

Students have done their best to go to college. Thinking back to the three years and nights of high school, after going to college, students think they should spend some time to do what they like.

If college students want to fall in love, teachers and parents will not be prohibited as high school, and some parents will urge students to play with friends.

The curriculum in the university is not as nervous as high school, so in addition to the class, there are a lot of free time. It is more than enough to talk about a vigorous love in these times.

Compared with boys, girls are more emotional, and they will pay their whole heart after falling into love, and the most vulnerable to hurt in the end is also girls.

"Sexual education" has always been the focus of social attention. A set of data shocked parents: According to statistics, in recent years, female college students under the age of 25, 600 students have been abortion, and the proportion of pregnancy accounts for 10.4%.

It can be seen that the pregnancy of college students is not rare, and some female college students still choose to give birth to the children.

The operation of this series is performed by the students themselves, and the teachers, classmates, and even parents do not know.

In recent years, it is not uncommon for college students to get pregnant and have children. Some students even produce children directly in the toilet. Often, this kind of critical juncture has not seen the child’s father.

Is it really because there are too many scum men?In this regard, my senior sister said the truth.

Most of the time college students are on campus, that is, they have time to go out of school on weekends.

After pregnancy, girls are naturally very nervous. They do not want anyone to know that although students can get married during college, most students still focus on their studies.

What’s more, college students must rely on their parents to provide living expenses, let alone adopt children.

Even if boys propose, girls may not agree. After receiving higher education, female college students still want to have their own careers. If they get married early and have children, it is equivalent to entering the ranks of housewives directly.

Since the original intention of college students does not want to get pregnant, why is it still here?

A senior sister gave a reasonable explanation. She said that everyone would have a curiosity about strange things, and it was precisely because of this psychology that made students constantly explore.

It is normal for college students to fall in love. The two have been together for a long time, and they will inevitably want to develop further, because the safety measures have not been done well, resulting in the rise of the pregnancy rate of college students.

This is also a matter of two people, and it is not possible to conclude that the other party is a scumbag, but the school sister thinks that girls should really protect themselves as vulnerable groups.

Of course, this is also related to the lack of "sex education" in students. Parents in China are more traditional, so they will be more taboo to talk about "sex".

Now that society is open, parents must change their educational concepts, especially for parents of girls to teach students to protect themselves.

When I was admitted to college, students thought that their tasks were completed.

In fact, it is not, especially female college students, who are more affectionate and may not be willing, but they are worried about the other person’s anger, so they compromise. In the end, whether the flow of people or choosing to give birth to the child will be harmed.

Therefore, female college students should establish awareness of self -protection and focus on academics.

College students are still students. The main task is to learn, and they can fall in love, but students should always be awake and do not easily give themselves to others.

The university is a very exercise platform. Students have a lot of opportunities. Life is not only love. Girls must learn to love themselves before someone comes to love you.

Of course, boys must also have a sense of responsibility. If they are really good for each other, the two must work hard together to continuously improve their professional ability, so as to ensure that they can find a suitable job after graduation.

Don’t be impulsive whether it is a boy or a girl. If you think twice, you will not leave regret.

College life is colorful. Students can use their spare time to do a lot of things they have never wanted to do before.

In addition to falling in love, there are many meaningful things to do, such as participating in communities and social time activities to improve their ability and let themselves adapt to social life in advance.

All in all, college students must clearly realize that studying universities is to learn knowledge and skills, rather than enjoying it. If your college life is easy and comfortable, it means that you have not taken it seriously.

Nowadays, the employment competition between college students is extremely fierce. If students want to achieve good results after graduation, they must make themselves busy. They can always use it one day in the future.

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