Chongqing 3 sisters live in a washbasin when they are born, and they will fracture when they turn over.

One day in 1996, two villagers in Xiaozhai Village, Chongqing walked side by side, and suddenly their expression became a little mysterious, pointing to a family not far away, and whispered.

"Well, this family doesn’t know what evils have been created!" A villager shook his head. His face was very complicated, some sympathy and fear.

"Still far away from this family, I don’t know if this problem can’t be passed on."

Another person interpreted, and the two walked on the road. When they had tens of meters away from the Peng family, they turned around deliberately and walked around the Peng family.

They all know that the three daughters of the Peng family are different from ordinary people, all of which are disabled.

This village is called Xiaozhai Village. It is in Yunyang, Chongqing. In this village, everyone knows the Peng family.

Jiang Yanlan and Peng Boxiang gave birth to 4 daughters. Except for the youngest daughter, the other three were short and small.

Although they are adults, they can sit in small plastic pots, like "potted dolls", which is why the villagers sympathize with and fear them.

Some people even think about it superstitious, did they be cursed?In fact, the three daughters of the Peng family suffered from a very rare disease: bone inconvenience.

Both Peng Boxiang and Jiang Yanlan are ordinary farmers living here. Jiang Yanlan worked at home, Peng Boxiang was hairdresser in the village, and sometimes he worked around.

The couple’s education is not high, and the family income is very limited. They can only barely maintain their livelihood, but the relationship between the couple is still good.

In 1987, their first daughter Peng Yan was born.

The arrival of the child adds a lot of fun and warmth to this little family, but when the child was more than one year old, she suddenly caused a fracture due to a small accident.

Peng Boxiang and Jiang Yanlan quickly sent their children to the health center in the township.

At that time, don’t say that it was them, and the doctor of the health center did not realize that the child actually had congenital defects, and they all treated this as an ordinary fracture.

After that, Peng Yan had a continuous fracture phenomenon. As long as she fell slightly or collided, she could lead to her fracture.

In fact, this is a typical symptom of bone development, but the probability of this condition is about one hundred thousand.

At that time, the Peng Boxiang and his wife did not even hear this disease, let alone the child caused a fracture due to illness.

Every time the child fractured, they would go to the hospital in the county town to see a doctor. Every time there was an accident, Peng Yan would bear huge pain.

Although her parents were prepared to her, she did not improve, and she still fractured from time to time.

Jiang Yanlan thought that he did not supplement calcium in time when he was pregnant, so the child’s bones were relatively fragile.

Slowly, Peng Yan grew up. Her entire body was obviously different from other children. Except for the fragile bones, her body almost did not grow.

But at this time, the Peng Boxiang couple still did not know what caused her daughter’s abnormalities. Jiang Yanlan always felt that she did not pay attention to supplementing nutrition when she was pregnant, so she was full of guilt to her daughter.

The couple did their best to be good to their children, but they still hope to have a healthy offspring, so at the age of two years of Peng Yan, Jiang Yanlan was pregnant again.

In 1990, the second daughter Peng Jiangqiu was born. This time, the Jiang Yanlan couple paid great attention to the fetal condition. Not only did they add more nutritional foods, they also often went to the hospital in the county seat for production inspection.

When the fetus grew for a few months, Jiang Yanlan did a color Doppler ultrasound examination. At that time, the results of the examination made the couple very happy, and all the development of the fetus was normal.

Jiang Yanlan paid great attention to his safety when he was at home, and was always careful.

The family was eagerly looking forward to the birth of the child. By the end of the due date, the second daughter Peng Jiangqiu fell to the ground.

Jiang Yanlan was still a little worried, for fear that the second daughter would fracture inexplicably like her eldest daughter.

Fortunately, with the passage of time, their concerns looked superfluous.

Peng Jiangqiu, like other children, has no abnormalities, and will walk when he is more than one year old.

Although she once fractured because of falling, she quickly recovered, and she did not look like her sister, and she would fracture a little accidentally.

Slowly, the family took down, and in a blink of an eye, Peng Jiangqiu also grew to two years old. This year, Jiang Yanlan was pregnant with a third child.

Because they saw that Peng Jiangqiu was normal, they decided to give birth to the child.

In 1993, the three daughter Peng Jiangdan was also born. Unfortunately, she has been symptoms of incompleteness since she was very young. Like her elder sister, Peng Jiangdan was also very easy to fracture and could only lie on the bed all day.

The three daughters in the family seemed to have only two daughters escaped my doom and could grow up healthy.

Three years have passed in a blink of an eye. The condition of the eldest daughter and the third daughter has not improved. Over the years, the Jiang Yanlan couples have taken their children to seek medical treatment. They also know that the children are all due to genetic problems.disease.

In the year when the second daughter Peng Jiangqiu was six years old, I was attacking this unfortunate family again.

One day, Peng Jiangqiu went out with the old man at home. When he was at dusk, he looked at the rain, so the old man urged his child to walk fast. After all, Peng Jiangqiu was still small, and he fell down with his feet.

Who knows, this fall, she can’t stand up.

Since then, Peng Jiangqiu is like her sisters. Not only can she only bed for a long time, but also stops bone development.

This was a heavy blow to the Peng family. They thought that the second daughter could be a normal child. I did not expect that they had suffering from bone inconvenience.

Previously, Jiang Yanlan was a little doubtful to what the doctor said, and felt that he had no bad genetic genes in his family.Now, the facts are here, and she can’t believe it.

All three children need to see a doctor. Their bodies may be in a condition at any time. The expenses of the family are larger than the day. In order to make more money, Peng Boxiang began to find some zero jobs in addition to hairdressing.

He often left home and went to the townships and counties to find a workmanship, sometimes for several days.

Due to the low level of cultural level, most of the work he can do is some physical work such as strength and transportation.

Peng Boxiang went out early every day, and was too busy.

In 1998, Jiang Yanlan was pregnant again. Because of the fact that the family was inherited, the Jiang Yanlan couple hesitated -should this child want this child?

Deep in their hearts, the couple hope to have a healthy child, but at this time who can guarantee that the fourth child is healthy?

The couple tangled for a long time for this. In the end, they decided to leave the child, for which they have made the worst plans.

Maybe God finally couldn’t bear to toss the family again, maybe the probability was too small. This time, the Peng family finally gave birth to a completely healthy daughter.

The family is very happy for this, especially the three sisters. Sister sisters have been tortured by pain since childhood. They learned that the situation of the four sisters was overjoyed.

When the four sisters were about one year old, they had an arm dislocation once. At that time, the whole family was frightened, for fear that she began to fracture frequently like her sisters.

Fortunately, this injury is indeed a simple dislocation. After the doctor’s position, the four sisters quickly recovered, and her other growth and development was very normal.

The four sisters slowly grew up and began to help their parents take care of their sisters.Since the age of three or four, Simi has been able to help her sisters to comb, eat rice, take bowls, and stack the quilt. She is very sensible and smart. The family loves her up and down.

Peng Boxiang was still in the village, while looking for time to work out of time. In 2002, the family suddenly encountered another heavy creation.

At that time, Peng Boxiang had just found a living to help others practice a house.Most of the houses built in the countryside are not high, and most of them are two -story and three floors. In addition to finding the construction team, homeowners will also hire some small workers who do not need too much technology.

Peng Boxiang also applied to work on a construction site that built a house, and everything went smoothly for the first two days, but on the third day, when he climbed to the third floor to work, he accidentally slipped and fell heavily on the ground.Intersection

This accident caused Peng Boxiang’s body to be severely damaged. Not only did he fall into a severe brain shock, but he also hurt the internal organs and moved in the hospital.

After a long period of recuperation, Peng Boxiang slowly healed after a long period of rest, but this accident brought him a serious sequelae.

He can no longer do those physical work, and even some of the more physical and physical affairs in daily life requires others to help.

Because Peng Boxiang could no longer go out to work, the economic situation at home was even more tense.

Except for the four sisters, the three sisters usually live a very difficult life.The eldest sister Peng Yan said that since the memory of the memory, she will be fractured once a month, and sometimes she can even hear the sound of the bone fracture from somewhere on her body.

What followed was unbearable pain, but she could only endure.

In fact, the illness of the three sisters of the Peng family was called "porcelain doll" by people, which means that people who have suffered from this disease are as easy to break like porcelain. This disease makes them have many in daily life.The difficulties that ordinary people can not experience.

Although Chongqing Yunyang is located in the southwest, the temperature in winter is still very low, and occasionally there will be zero temperature, and it will be colder in the morning and night.

Most families in the southwest are not installed, and in winter, they rely on thick quilts or thick clothes to protect the cold. However, these three sisters cannot be covered too thick when they sleep at night because their physical condition is not allowed.

If the quilt is too thick, it is likely to cause them to fracture or dislocate.When they sleep, they should not flip as much as possible, otherwise they may face the same danger.

As long as they are a little careless in daily life, these three sisters may be fractured.

What’s even more tragic is that after the fracture, they couldn’t cry loudly, because this would cause the bones to be damaged more serious, so they could only tolerate the sobbing sobbing.

For a long time, the three sisters can only stay on the bed most of the time, and the outside world is a strange blank for them.

Sister Sister has helped her mother to take care of her sisters since the age of a few years. Later, she grew up, and she could walk around with her sisters.

Although Simiao is as healthy as ordinary children, her life is completely different from ordinary children.

The three sisters in the family need her care, which is not easy for a little girl.

But the four sisters never complained. The hard work of her parents and her sister’s difficulties were in their eyes. She only hoped that she could make more contributions to this family.

After Simei was able to handle various housework with her father at home, Jiang Yanlan left home to work in the county.

According to people, she takes care of her children in a family in the county.There is no way. As a mother, there are a few children in her family who need to take care of, but in order to make more money, she can only give the children to her husband and young daughter.

Except for the four sisters, the other three daughters did not go to school in school, and their physical condition did not allow them to enter the classroom.

However, the three sisters still recognize daily Chinese characters through Chinese characters and televisions that have been exposed to daily life.

Although the situation is difficult, they don’t want to give up there, no matter how difficult the days, they must stick to life.

In 2014, his cousin came to the Peng family to visit, and he brought a very important gift to the three sisters -a smartphone that can connect to the network.

Three sisters of the Internet know that you can make money to download some apps and register.

So they operated their mobile phones awkwardly and downloaded a variety of apps.

Later, some games were added to play with the game, and they could get three dollars for each hour.

In this way, they look for a variety of ways to make money through the Internet. Although they don’t have much money, they feel very comforted, and they can finally do something for the family.

Two years later, the three sisters bought a computer with the money they saved.

Computers and mobile phones have become windows for the three sisters to understand the outside world. They understand their situation through the Internet.

They know that "porcelain dolls" like them are available around the world. In 2020, they contacted two TV shows. After filling in the registration form online, they received an invitation from the program group.

Through the screen, more people knew these three strong sisters.When participating in the program recording, the three sisters had a lot of life for the first time.

After learning about the situation of their families, the local government issued subsidies to them in accordance with the policy. The three sisters can receive more than 2,000 yuan per month.Later, the three sisters opened a short video account on a platform and began to bring the goods live broadcast.

Although to many people, the life of the three sisters is full of misfortune and pain, but they are very normal in the live broadcast. They do not treat their illnesses as gimmicks.Use funny methods to attract fans.

It is just selling things down, Yunyang’s local specialty snacks and hot pot bases are the main products.

After a period of live broadcast, the three sisters accumulated a certain experience, and they had a clear division of labor.

The eldest sister is mainly responsible for looking at the words on the screen, and interact with the fans who ask questions. The second sister is mainly responsible for encouraging everyone to pay attention to their short video numbers, and introduce the tastes and characteristics of these special products. The third sister is mainly responsible for adding WeChat friends with fansEssence

Sometimes they sing for fans and answer various questions raised by fans.

Some people speak badly, and the three sisters will be politely back, but most fans are very polite to them.

Every day, three sisters will perform two live broadcasts, and each live broadcast lasts for three hours.

This work intensity is still quite large. In these 6 hours, they must keep responding to fans’ questions, introduce the products they sell, and thank the fans who order them. Sometimes they have to joke with everyone.

The webcast also brought them more than 5,000 yuan per month, which also made them feel that they were worth it.

In just 8 months, the account registered by the three sisters has 350,000 fans. For various questions raised by netizens, they will answer as much as possible.

Some netizens asked them if they had considered marriage. The three sisters said that this incident is not in their life plan. If marriage is married, it will only bring a burden on the other family’s family.

In addition, the three sisters cared about the privacy of the four sisters. They never disclosed the name of the sister because they didn’t want the sister to be paid too much attention.

Although the body is incomplete, the three sisters have always lived strongly and rely on their own ability to make money. Therefore, many fans also like them and often give them gifts.

Now, the Peng family’s economic situation is much better than before. In the Spring Festival in 2022, volunteers of the Charity Organization came to visit, brought some supplies and foods to the family, and brought everyone their blessings to them.

They told volunteers that the manufacturers of those products now often give them bonuses and condolences.

Earlier, the three sisters had also done cross -stitching, and one of them was bought by a price of 30,000 yuan. The buyer also expressed his willingness to fund them to open an online shop.

The goodwill and warmth came from all directions. The four sisters of the Peng family were admitted to the university and are now studying in the university.

After these years of hardship, the sisters of the Peng family rely on their tenacity and the help of everyone, and finally lived much better than before.

Now Peng Yan is 35 years old, but her height is only more than 70 cm, and the other two sisters are only about 80 cm tall. Their appearance looks very abnormal, but this does not affect their beauty.

When I was young, in order to take care of them, the mother always cut their long hair short. Now, the three sisters like to keep their long hair.

For the future, the sisters of the Peng family are full of expectations, whether it is the three sisters who are sick or the younger sister studying in college.

After all, the most difficult days have passed, and their lives will become better and better in the future!


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