Choir acne countermeasures for pregnant mothers

The pregnant mothers are easy to have acne. Due to the special period, the skin of pregnant women is particularly fragile, so the details of skin care should be paid attention to.So, how do pregnant women remove acne? The following editors teach pregnant mothers to remove acne and let pregnant women get rid of acne problems healthy and effectively.

What to do if pregnant women grow acne and wash their face

If a pregnant woman has frequently acne on her face, she can wash her face twice a day. Remember to use mild facial cleanser and slightly warm water.You can also wash your hair every day according to the actual situation, and pay attention not to fall on your face.

What to do if pregnant women have acne using non -oil makeup

In fact, pregnant women should not be made up, but if the situation needs to be specially needed, the cosmetics they purchased must be non -oily cosmetics, so that they will not have acne and will not hurt the fetus.

Moms need to look at the instructions on cosmetics carefully. They notice that water properties, not causing acne or acne without acne, so that they can effectively avoid acne after use.

What to do if pregnant women have acne, pay attention to small details

Pregnant women should usually pay more attention to small movements. They may transfer bacteria to their faces as soon as they pay attention. For example, try to avoid touching the face of the face with your hands.You know, keeping the face clean is the primary condition for not acne.

What to do if pregnant women have acne, do not squeeze acne

Some pregnant women can’t help but want to squeeze when they see acne. Squeezing acne practical force will damage the hair follicles in the skin, causing the hair follicles to be infected with each other.Acne repeated attacks.

Therefore, pregnant women should avoid squeezing acne, and it is best to wait naturally, and it will not leave scars.

Can pregnant women use anti -acne cream?

It is very important to use drugs carefully during pregnancy. Even adults bought on the counter need to pay special attention.Because the medicines that are applied to the skin or swallowed into the belly will enter the blood vessels of the pregnant woman, and finally affect the fetus.

If you are not sure if you can use the drug or not know the ingredients of the drug, products such as old Chinese medicine to remove acne also need to figure out the ingredients. Be sure to use it under the guidance of a doctor to avoid irreversible harm to the fetus.

Generally speaking, the first choice of noodle blisters for pregnant women is usually red, and another choice is Ren Er acid.Forbidden drugs include three generations of A -acid, A -acid derivatives, and oral A acid.

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